Petrified Forest National Park Rephotography

Petrified Forest National Park Rephotography: Photography and Digital Imaging Project: 120 Years of Photographic History

T. Scott Williams
Museum Curator
Petrified Forest National Park

This project focuses on several objectives relative to the park: 175 photographic images were re-photographed in this survey to utilize photography from the park’s collection that could provide a basis of data to answer specific questions about the effects of erosion over time and to measure the extent of erosion that has occurred over the past 120 years. This project will provide a visual history of the park that traces human exploration and impact on the land and resources before Petrified Forest was a monument and beyond. Utilization of rephotography for interpretation of the park resources will educate visitors and to attempt to record resource loss (e.g., petrified wood).

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Last updated: March 16, 2018

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