Mosses, Ferns, and Allies

Cushion of dark green rock moss on sandstone
Moss, Grimmia sp.


Generally plants are divided into two groups: vascular and non-vascular. Many of the fossil plants found in the park were non-vascular plants. Living groups of non-vascular plants include the bryophytes: liverworts, hornworts, and mosses. Ferns are vascular, but we’re including them in this section, as a non-seed plant. All of these plants tend to be thought of in more humid areas, but they can be found here. Often they are close to a seep spring or an area where there is intermittent moisture.
Grimmia sp moss cushion on sandstone
Moss, Grimmia sp.


Grimmia sp. moss

Within bryology, Grimmia species are notorious for their morphological variability.
The Index Muscorum enumerates over 800 names, from which 80-90% are synonyms...the situation with respect to the genus was a mess in taxonomy and nomenclature.

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