Evaluation and Certification of Fossil Preparators: An Outsider's View

Evaluation and certification of fossil preparators: An outsider's view

John Kane
University of Heidelberg
Matthew Brown
Petrified Forest National Park

Experience during the 1970s in pediatric psychology demonstrated that training, evaluation, certification and periodic re-certification are absolutely essential in providing quality treatment and service delivery to children with severe behavior disorders. However, resistance to certification was intense and was resolved only after a series scandals and litigation. Resistance was a product of an antiquated model of treatment. This Model was replaced by a more flexible Paradigm accompanied by intensive efforts to train, certify and supervise “front line child behavior analysts and change agents”. In many respects the current discussion and model of doing science in Paleontology appear to be similar to the discussions encountered in the 1970s. The presentation will briefly describe the development and will draw parallels relevant to the practice of preparation. The brief experience of the presenter as a novice Preparator strongly suggests the need for specific training and supervision. Finally the author will point out why the current Preparator “role model” needs to be rethought and perhaps revised. The Model of Preparator as the guarantor of quality data perhaps needs greater exposition.

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Last updated: March 16, 2018

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