Crabapple (Malus sp.)

Pink flowering tree growing along path on which a woman and child walk through a garden.

NPS/Hallie Larsen

Crabapples are just one of many species in the Malus genus which is in the Rose Family. The wild ones were found in the Northern Hemisphere, but cultivars are now found in gardens around the world. Because of their beautiful pink flowers, crabapples are favorites as small ornamentals. Originally there were two of them in the plaza, but fruit trees are subject to wear and tear and the twin was removed some years ago. Bees absolutely love the flowers, both honey and native. The tree is usually abuzz throughout the spring. Small fruit follow that the birds enjoy but are very puckery for humans. Crabapples are often used as pollinators and now are a parent of the Rockit Apple. They are also a great source of pectin so can be made into jam or jelly.
Bees in pink crabapple flowers.

NPS/Hallie Larsen


Last updated: August 1, 2021

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