An open cabinet with many drawers, including one full of fossil bones
Fossils fill many cabinets in Collections

NPS/Stephanie Metzler

Petrified Forest has over 300,000 objects cataloged in its Museum Collection. And more are being added all the time. The collection is as varied as the park itself, containing fossils, ancient pottery, photographs, paintings, plant and animal specimens, superintendents' notes, stone tools, furniture, and much more. The objects are preserved and protected within special containers and cabinets, and taken care of by a professional curator. Some items are put out for display. In a park that celebrates its active research, the curator is kept very busy.

Every park site has a collection, making the National Park Service a huge repository of items important to the cultural and natural history of the country. You can virtually explore the NPS Museum Collections.



Do you collect snapshots and items from your travels? Perhaps you have albums full of childhood photos? Petrified Forest has many photographs in its collection, some taken by park staff and others donated by visitors. Check out a sample of park pictures at the Arizona Memory Project.

Last updated: June 30, 2023

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