Artist demonstrates with punches, pigment and pieces of leather for visitors
Artists-in-Residence Jim Weaver demonstrates his technique in Contemporary Leather design, 10-22-2021



Art has been inspired by the national parks since the late 19th century when famed Hudson River School painters captured the majestic views of our nation's western wilds. Art has been integral to the preservation of many parks. The national parks continue to inspire artists in more than fifty residency programs across the country. The artist-in-residence program started in 2006—part of the park’s centennial anniversary—in Petrified Forest National Park.

Who is an Artist?

Are you an artist? In the past, the program has accepted composers, dancers, performance artist, painters, musicians, sculptors, photographers, felters, quilters, poets—the list goes on. An artist creates art, and an artist-in-residence creates art inspired by the park. Artists-in-residence are volunteers.

There are changes coming, including housing within the park. At this time, we're not sure what the Artist-in-Residence Program will look like in the future. As we know more, we will certainly share the information with you.

2024 Artists-in-Residence
May 10-24 Emma Aylor
May 1-15 Paul Atkinson

01-07-2023_102842 2021 Artists-in-Residence AiR Cathy Clark Exhibition Quilts, Fiber Artist
2021 Artists-in-Residence Cathy Clark displaying her donation in front of the Painted Desert Inn.

NPS/Hallie Larsen

2021 Artists-in-Residence

Jim Weaver - Contemporary Leather & Print Maker

Cathy Clark - Exhibition Quilts & Fiber Artist

Maureen Moll - Lithography & Print Maker

2022 Artists-in-Residence AiR Alissa Eberle neon artist
2022 Artists-in-Residence Alissa Eberle neon artist photographing "pools of water" in neon next to Agate House.

Alissa Eberle

2022 Artists-in-Residence

Alissa Eberle – neon artist

Claire Giordano – painter, writer, videographer

Patricia Pauchnick – multimedia


2023 Artists-in-Residence

June 12-25, 2023 David Hunter
Sept. 12-26, 2023 Lisa Flowers Ross
October 16-27, 2023 Nancy Hershberger

Last updated: May 19, 2024

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