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Chapter One,
"National Parks Are Where You Find Them:" The Origins of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Chapter Two,
"We're Going For The Right Thing:" The Legislative Struggle to Create Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, 1971- 1977

Chapter Three,
Changes on the Land: The Early Management of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, 1977-1983

Chapter Four
Plans, Programs and Controversy: The Reassessment of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, 1977-1983

Chapter Five,
"A Local and National Treasure:" Managing the Sleeping Bear Dunes Park, 1984- 1995

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore At Twenty-Five

Appendix One,
Budgetary Progress of Sleeping Bear Dunes N.L.

Appendix Two,
Selected Past and Present Employees of Sleeping Bear N.L.

Appendix Three,
Selected Visitation Statistics

Appendix Four,
Public Law 91-479

Chapter 1 Notes

Chapter 2 Notes

Chapter 3 Notes

Chapter 4 Notes

Chapter 5 Notes

Conclusion Notes




A Nationalized Lakeshore:
The Creation and Administration of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore




Founding Staff


Julius A. Martinek, Superintendent, opened Lakeshore office. May, 1971.

Robert C. Evans, Chief Appraiser, May, 1971.

Donald Campbell, Chief Land Acquisition Officer, May, 1971.

Patricia McCash, Secretary, June, 1971.

Carolyn D. Ross, June, 1971.

ElaineP. Howery, Secretary, July, 1971.

Dean Einwalter, Supervisory Park Ranger, December, 1971.


James E. Williamson, Chief Land Acquistion Officer, April, 1972.

Charles R. Parkinson, Park Naturalist, May, 1972.

Judy Huerth, Clerk-Typist.

Marcia Stobie, Clerk-Typist.

Paul LaValley, Seasonal, May, 1972.

Hollis Hill, Seasonal, May, 1972.

Joseph 0. Jackson, Interpreter, July, 1972.

Gordon L. Stanley, Park Administrative Officer, October, 1972.


Thomas L. Haywood, Maintenance Supervisor, July, 1973. John F. Pattie, Land Acquisition Officer. William Herd, Interpreter.

Selected Full-Time Staff: 1974-1999

Fred Denton, Park AdministrativeOfficer. Donald R. Brown, Superintendent.

Richard R. Peterson, Superintendent.

John P. Abbett, Assistant Superintendent.

Neil Bullington, Chief of Interpretation.

Jacqueline Fine, Secretary.

Michele D'Arcy, Landscape Architect.

Raymond Kimpel, Chief Ranger.

Merline Schlange, Facility Manager.

David Herrera, Management Assistant.

Max Holden Resource Management Specialist.

Daniel Krieber, Chief of Maintenance.

Vander Tuin.

Chief of Maintenance.

Ivan D. Miller, Superintendent.

Nancy Arkin, Landscape Architect.

John Madden, Park Ranger.

Frank Smith, Maintenance.

James Del Sasso, Park Ranger.

Dale Holmgren, Maintenance.

Todd Morgan, Maintenance.

Tom Mountz, Maintenance.

John Paro, Administrative Officer.

Mary Chandler, Administrative Officer.

Gayle Kunkel-Shields, Administrative Clerk.

Karen Moon, Adminstrative Clerk.

Larry Hatch, District Ranger.

Michael Duwe, Environmental Protection Specialist.

Chris Johnson, District Ranger.

David Nagel, Maintenance.

Duane Pearson, Assistant Superintendent.

Lany Parrotte, Maintenance.

Mark Presnell, Maintenance.

William Webber, Maintenance.

Rosemary Abbett, Budget Assistant.

Al Haeker, Chief Ranger.

Robert L. Saddler, Park Ranger.

Roger Moder, Park Ranger.

Dawn Webster, Interpreter.

K. Jo Ann Evans, Personnel Assistant.

Leigh Evans, Maintenance.

Paul Collins, Maintenance.

Kimberly Mann, Landscape Architect.

Rick St. Pierre, Purchasing Agent.

Kay Wilcox, Budget Analyst.

Tom VanZoeren, Park Ranger.

Kim Mukavetz, Park Ranger.

Susan Harold, Secretary.

Steven Yancho, Resource Management Specialist.

Calvin Murphy, Maintenance.

George Henderson, Maintenance.

Dennis Schlabach, Telecommunications.

David Wilkins, Maintenance.

Larry Robotham, Maintenance.

Charles Sessoms, Maintenance.

Patrick Shad, Park Ranger.

Jefferey Monroe, Park Ranger.

Agnes Esch, Clerk.

Gregory Mullin, Park Ranger.

Ken BIodick, Park Ranger.

Robert Evener, Park Ranger.

Rebecca Fleis, Dispatcher.

John Fekete, Resource Management Specialist.

Theo Chandler, Maintenance.

Leah Frankel, Park Naturalist

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