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The Geologic Story of Arches National Park



Beginning of a monument

Graduation to a park

Early history
   Prehistoric people
   Late arrivals

Geographic setting

Deposition of the rock materials

Bending and breaking of the rocks

Uplift and erosion of the Plateau

Origin and development of the arches
   Examples of arches

How to see the park

A trip through the park
   Colorado River canyon
   Headquarters area
   Courthouse Towers area
   The Windows section
   Delicate Arch area
   Fiery Furnace
   Salt Valley and Klondike Bluffs
   Devils Garden

Summary of geologic history

Additional reading
   Selected references

Index (omitted from the online edition)



Frontispiece. Balanced Rock.
1. Arches National Park
2. Rock art in Arches National Park
3. Wolfe's Bar—DX Ranch
4. Rock column of Arches National Park
5. Common types of rock folds
6. Common types of rock faults
7. Paradox basin
8. Geologic section across northwest end of Arches National Park
9. Index map of northwestern part of Arches National Park
10. Gravity anomalies over Salt Valley
11. Tilted block of rocks in Cache Valley graben
12. Jointed northeast flank of Salt Valley anticline
13. Index map
14. Tunnel Arch
15. "Baby Arch"
16. Broken Arch
17. Double Arch
18. Pothole Arch
19. Glen Canyon Group
20. Navajo Sandstone cliffs
21. Mouth of Salt Wash
22. Southeast end of faulted Cache Valley anticline
23. Faulted Seven Mile—Moab Valley anticline
24. Three Penguins
25. Moab Valley
26. Faulted wall of Entrada Sandstone
27. Park Avenue
28. Balanced rocks on south wall of Park Avenue
29. Courthouse Towers
30. The Three Gossips
31. Sheep Rock
32. Petrified sand dunes
33. "Hoodoos and goblins"
34. Eye of The Whale
35. Intricate crossbeds in Navajo Sandstone
36. Cove Arch and Cove of Caves
37. North Window
38. Looking southwestward through North Window
39. South Window
40. Turret Arch
41. Parade of Elephants
42. Suspension foot bridge across Salt Wash
43. Delicate Arch
44. Fiery Furnace
45. Trail to Sand Dune Arch
46. Sand Dune Arch
47. Tower Arch
48. Skyline Arch
49. Campground in Devils Garden
50. View north from campground
51. Southeastern part of Devils Garden trail
52. Pine Tree Arch
53. Landscape Arch
54. Navajo Arch
55. Partition Arch
56. Double O Arch
57. Dark Angel
58. "Indian-Head Arch"
59. Geologic time spiral

ROGERS C. B. MORTON, Secretary

V. E. McKelvey, Director


Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Lohman, Stanley William, 1907— The geologic story of Arches National Park.
(Geological Survey Bulletin 1393)
Bibliography: p.
Includes index.
Supt. of Docs. no.: I 19.3:1393
1. Geology—Utah—Arches National Park—Guide-books. 2. Arches National Park, Utah—Guide-books.
I. Title. II. Series: United States Geological Survey Bulletin 1393.
QE75.B9 No. 1393 [QE170.A71 557.3'08s [557.92'58]

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