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Phase I:
Introductory Essay

Phase II:
Introductory Essay

Wind Tunnels

Engine Development

Engine Test Stands

Rocket Testing


Launch Pads

Apollo Training

Apollo Hardware Testing

Unmanned Spacecraft Testing

Tracking Stations

Mission Control Centers

Other Support


Man in Space
A National Historic Landmark Theme Study
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B. Rocket Engine Development Facilities

5. Rocket Engine Test Facility (Lewis Research Center)
6. Zero-Gravity Research Facility (Lewis)
7. Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility (LeRC Plum Brook Operations Division)

These sites are recommended for designation as National Historic Landmarks because they represent the important role of the Lewis Research Center in developing hydrogen as a fuel for the Centaur and Saturn V rockets. The Rocket Engine Test Facility pioneered in the technology necessary to handle hydrogen as a rocket fuel, the Zero-Gravity Research Facility investigated the physics of handling liquids in a zero-gravity environment, and the Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility enabled engineers at Lewis to hot fire full scale Centaur engines in simulated space conditions. The development of the Centaur and Saturn Rockets was crucial to both the manned and unmanned space programs of the United States.

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