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Phase I:
Introductory Essay

Phase II:
Introductory Essay

Wind Tunnels

Engine Development

Engine Test Stands

Rocket Testing


Launch Pads

Apollo Training

Apollo Hardware Testing

Unmanned Spacecraft Testing

Tracking Stations

Mission Control Centers

Other Support


Man in Space
A National Historic Landmark Theme Study
National Park Service Arrowhead

K. Mission Control Centers

22. Space Flight Operations Facility (JPL)
23. Apollo Mission Control Center (Johnson)

These sites are recommended for designation as National Historic Landmarks because they are the very heart and soul of both the American Manned and Unmanned Space Programs. The Space Flight Operations Facility at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory represents the role and achievement of JPL in the American effort to explore the moon, planets, and solar system. Projects Viking, Voyager, Pioneer, Ranger, and Mariner opened new worlds for exploration and human understanding. The Space Flight Operations facility is the symbol of this effort and the facility at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is the one most closely associated with this effort. Apollo Mission Control at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Flight Center represents the role and achievement of Johnson in the American manned spaceflight program. It was to Apollo Mission Control that Neil Armstrong reported his famous words that man had first landed on the moon in July 1969.

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