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Phase I:
Introductory Essay

Phase II:
Introductory Essay

Wind Tunnels

Engine Development

Engine Test Stands

Rocket Testing


Launch Pads

Apollo Training

Apollo Hardware Testing

Unmanned Spacecraft Testing

Tracking Stations

Mission Control Centers

Other Support


Man in Space
A National Historic Landmark Theme Study
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D. Rocket Test Facility

11. Saturn V Dynamic Test Stand (Marshall)

This facility illustrates another facet of the building and testing and man-rating of the Saturn V Rocket. After every Saturn V was tested on the firing stand it was brought to the Dynamic Test Stand for mechanical and vibrational tests to determine its structural integrity. This process was part of the extensive ground testing program for the Saturn V Rocket and it is a primary reason for the success of the American manned space program. Tests conducted here gave NASA and industry engineers their last chance to detect and correct any flaws in the fully assembled Saturn V.

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