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Phase I:
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Phase II:
Introductory Essay

Wind Tunnels

Engine Development

Engine Test Stands

Rocket Testing


Launch Pads

Apollo Training

Apollo Hardware Testing

Unmanned Spacecraft Testing

Tracking Stations

Mission Control Centers

Other Support


Man in Space
A National Historic Landmark Theme Study
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E. Rockets

12. Saturn V Space Vehicle (Alabama Space and Rocket Center)

At this time the only rocket recommended for designation as a National Historic Landmark is the Saturn V at the Alabama Space and Rocket Museum. This vehicle is one of only three remaining Saturn Vs in the country. It was selected to represent the class of Saturn V rockets because of its integrity and association with its site—the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center. All three stages of the vehicle and the instrument ring are intact. The vehicle is well maintained and in a good state of preservation. This Saturn V was the original test vehicle used in dynamic testing of the Saturn support facilities at the Marshall Space Flight Center. While not intended to fly itself, this Saturn V was a working vehicle with all of its parts intact, and prepared the way for all the Saturn Vs that did fly and were lost after having completed their missions.

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