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A History of American Indians in California:

Underlined sites are links to more detailed reports.

1. Ahwahnee, Mariposa County
2. Alcatraz, San Francisco
3. Anderson Marsh, Lake County
4. Angel Island, Marin County
5. Anoyum, San Diego County
6. Bald Rock Dome, Butte County
7. Black Mountain, San Luis Obispo County
8. Bloody Island, Lake County
9. Bryte Memorial Building, Yolo County
10. Camp Hill, San Luis Obispo County

11. Captain Jack's Stronghold, Modoc County
12. Channel Islands, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties
13. Chaw'se/Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park, Amador County
14. Cherokee, Butte County
15. Chimney Rock, San Luis Obispo County
16. Cho-Lollo, Tulare County
17. Cupa, San Diego County
18. D-Q University, Yolo County
19. Dana Point, Orange County
20. Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

21. El Scorpion Ranch, Los Angeles County
22. Estens and Kuvuny, Ventura County
23. Ferndale Ranch, Ventura County
24. Foresta Big Meadow, Mariposa County
25. Fort Bidwell Boarding School, Modoc County
26. Fort Bidwell School, Modoc County
27. Fort Gaston, Humboldt County
28. Frank Day's Home, Butte County
29. Gabriel's Grave, Monterey County
30. Glen Eden Springs, Riverside County

31. Greenville Meeting Hall, Plumas County
32. Gunther Island, Humboldt County
33. Helo/Mescalitan Island, Santa Barbara Island
34. Herbert Young's Residence, Butte County
35. Hilltop Tavern, Alameda County
36. Hopland High School, Mendocino County
37. Humqaq, Santa Barbara County
38. Hunting Blinds, Modoc County
39. Ishi's Hiding Place, Butte County
40. Knights Ferry, Stanislaus County

41. La Casa Grande, Sonoma County
42. La Jolla Village, San Diego County
43. Lake County Courthouse, Lake County
44. Las Viejas Mission, San Diego County
45. Madonna Mountain, San Luis Obispo County
46. Malki Museum, Riverside County
47. Manchester Reservation School, Mendocino County
48. Manchester Round House, Mendocino County
49. Mankins Ranch, Plumas County
50. Marie Potts' Home, Sacramento County

51. Mechoopda Indian Rancheria, Butte County
52. Mutamai, San Diego County
53. Mesa Grande Street, San Diego County
54. Mount Diablo, Contra Costa County
55. Nome Lackee Indian Reservation, Tehama County
56. North Fork School, Madera County
57. Old Kashia Elementary School, Sonoma County
58. Old Spanish Town, Santa Barbara County
59. Old Tule Reservation, Tulare County
60. Onomyo, Santa Barbara County

61. Painted Cave, Monterey County
62. Painted Caves, San Luis Obispo County
63. Pate Valley, Tuolumne County
64. Pete's Adobe, San Diego County
65. Place Where They Burnt the Digger, Amador County
66. Port San Luis, San Luis Obispo County
67. Quechla, San Diego County
68. Ramona Bowl, Riverside County
69. Rancho Canada Larga, Ventura County
70. Re-kwoi, Del Norte County

71. Rice Canyon Petroglyph Area, Lassen County
72. Roberts House, El Dorado County
73. Rogerio's Rancho, Los Angeles County
74. Round Valley Commissary, Mendocino County
75. Round Valley Flour Mill, Mendocino County
76. Round Valley Methodist Church, Mendocino County
77. Rust's Cemetery, Mariposa County
78. San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park, San Diego County
79. San Pasqual Cemetery, San Diego County
80. Santa Lucia Peak, Monterey County

81. Santa Rosa Rancheria, Kings County
82. Sherman Institute, Riverside County
83. Shisholop, Ventura County
84. Sloughhouse, Sacramento County
85. Paauw/Smith, San Diego County
86. Smith River Shaker Church, Del Norte County
87. Sonoma Barracks, Sonoma State Historic Park, Sonoma County
88. Squem, Monterey County
89. State Capitol, Sacramento County
90. Sutter's Fort, Sacramento County

91. Takimildin, Humboldt County
92. Tejon Indian Reservation, Kern County
93. Tischler Rock, Orange County
94. Tommy Merino's Home, Plumas County
95. Toro Creek, San Luis Obispo County
96. Trabuco Adobe, Orange County
97. Tulapop, Los Angeles County
98. Viejas V.F.W., San Diego County
99. Wilson Cemetery, Mariposa County
100. Wilton Baseball Field, Sacramento County

101. Ya-Ka-Ama, Sonoma County
102. Yosemite Rancheria, Mariposa County

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