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20420 Park Road 22
Corpus Christi, TX 78418

The National Seashore is located on North Padre Island, southeast of the city of Corpus Christi, Texas. Visitors to the area should head east through Corpus Christi on Highway 358. After crossing the JFK Causeway onto Padre Island, Highway 358 changes to Park Road 22. Continue about 10 miles south on Park Road 22 to reach the park entrance.

Overall park access hours

The park is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. However, park facilities are not open 24 hours per day. Hours for the entrance station, where the required entrance pass is sold, vary from day to day. If the entrance station is not open when you arrive, you can proceed into the park. If you are camping, go back to the entrance station the next morning and obtain an entrance pass. If not camping, pay the entrance fee as you leave if the entrance station is open.

Standard Hours

  • Sunday: Open 24 hours
  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours

Padre Island has long, hot summers and short, mild winters. Summers are very humid. Winter can bring strong cold fronts and gale force winds. Most rain falls near the beginning and end of hurricane season (June-October). Average seasonal temperatures (Fahrenheit) are: Spring - high 70s-80s, low 50s-60s; Summer - high mid-90s, low 70s; Fall - high 70s-80s, low 50s-60s; Winter - high 50s-70s, low 30s-40s. Year-round, average wind speed ranges from 5-25 miles per hour. Relative humidity seldom drops below 70%.

Entrance Fees:

Padre Island Vehicle Entrance Fee - $10.00

This fee provides entrance into the park for one private, standard passenger vehicle for up to 7 days. It covers all occupants of the vehicle.

Padre Island Bicycle/Pedestrian Entrance Fee - $5.00

This fee provides entrance into the park for one pedestrian or one bicycle for up to 7 days.

Bird Island Basin Use Fee - $5.00

This fee provides for use of the Bird Island Basin area within Padre Island National Seashore for one day. It covers all occupants of one private, standard passenger vehicle. Bird Island Basin provides access to the Laguna Madre and has a boat ramp, windsurfing and kayaking area, and camping area. Please note this fee is in addition to the park entrance fee.

Entrance Passes:

Padre Island Annual Pass - $20.00

This pass entitles one private, standard passenger vehicle and its occupants to enter the park for one calendar year from the month of purchase.

Bird Island Basin Annual Pass - $10.00

This pass entitles one private, standard passenger vehicle and its occupants to enter the Bird Island Basin area of Padre Island National Seashore for one calendar year from the month of purchase.

Malaquite Visitor Center

The Malaquite Visitor Center includes a bookstore and an exhibit area with information about park history, plants, and animals. Free programs are offered daily. A shaded picnic area is available on the deck. Restrooms and cold water showers are available in the bathhouse. Wheelchair users can borrow a special beach wheelchair from the visitor center at no charge. An accessible ramp goes from the Pavilion down to Malaquite Swimming Beach.

Brown Pelicans on posts in surf on Padre Island
Brown Pelicans sitting on posts in the surf on Padre Island

NPS photo

Just looking for the basics? Here are a few important things to keep in mind when planning a trip to Padre Island National Seashore, along with links to basic information on fees, camping, and other helpful information.

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Sea Turtle Releases

Padre Island National Seashore and South Padre Island are two different places located over 100 miles apart. Sometimes Padre Island National Seashore is confused with South Padre Island, but the two are very different destinations.

Padre Island National Seashore is a national park located just outside of Corpus Christi that includes about 70 miles of undeveloped beaches and natural habitat. South Padre Island is a resort community located near Brownsville with numerous hotels, clubs, and souvenir shops. The two destinations are at opposite ends of the long, barrier island named Padre Island and are about 100 miles apart.

It is not possible to drive from the park, located on North Padre Island, directly south to South Padre Island. An artificial waterway, Mansfield Channel, cuts through Padre Island at the southern end of the national park.The only way to drive from North Padre Island to South Padre Island is by driving inland, down Highway 77, and back out to the south end of the island –a driving trip of 3-4 hours.

This website and information is about Padre Island National Seashore, the national park. We are located at the end of Park Road 22, at the northern end of Padre Island in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Planning on putting our park address into a smart phone app or GPS? It most likely will NOT bring you to the park. For unknown reasons, many of those applications place the park's physical address miles away from its actual location. Fortunately, getting to the park is easy once you find out that the road coming out here – Park Road 22 – actually dead ends into the national park. The park entrance station is a booth that is located literally in the middle of the road. So once you get on Park Road 22, just keep going until you reach the end and the park entrance station. If you get confused on the way or have more questions after reading our directions, call the Malaquite Visitor Center at (361) 949-8068.

Last updated: May 10, 2017

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P.O. Box 181300
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(361) 949-8068
This is the primary phone number for the Malaquite Visitor Center at Padre Island National Seashore.

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