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Accessibility Resources

Click the headings below for information on accessibility at Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park:

A man in a power wheelchair paints a view of the Great Falls with an easel

Path conditions & Wheelchair Accessibility

A park ranger holds printed resources for a visitor standing beside her
Deaf / Hearing Loss

Printed tours • Multimedia Presentations • Virtual Talks

A hand runs fingers over a braille brochure for Paterson Great Falls, a waterfall in the background
Blind / Low Vision

Braille Unigrids • Self-Guided Tour • Virtual Talks


Emergency Phone: 911
If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the park. Rangers are on site per seasonal schedule - check with a ranger or knock/ring the bell at the two-story brick ranger station at the main park address.

Review our safety guidelines for additional information before your visit. Pathways are located in a busy urban area, with both paved and unpaved sections. Programs can be accessible with assistance.

The park is within the Great Falls Historic District, which is managed by the City of Paterson and includes visitor facilities such as the Paterson Museum - contact them directly for up-to-date accessibility information.

The National Park Service is committed to accessibility - learn more about these resources, programs, and initiatives by visiting the Park Service accessibility index.

Last updated: January 12, 2024

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