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Aerial view of the tall brick 19th century Roger's Locomotive Building with its tall chimney, now the Paterson Museum. Cars in the foreground parking lot sit at right of two steam locomotives
The Paterson Museum is just one of many nearby attractions within short distance of Paterson Great Falls

The Paterson Museum

Extend your trip with a visit to any of the parks and museums listed below:


National Park Service Sites

Did you know...

...that part of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, a 2,184-mile long footpath, runs through New Jersey?

...that Morristown National Historical Park in Morristown, New Jersey is called the "Crossroads of the American Revolution"?

...that Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, New Jersey is the birthplace of sound recording and motion pictures?

These places, and other nationally significant parts of New Jersey's natural and cultural heritage, are all part of the National Park System. Many, such as Morristown and Edison, have direct historical connections to Paterson's own story! Explore these other National Park Service in New Jersey:



A cream-yellow two-story Victorian house with green trim & shutters - bay windows flank a porched entrance. A sign denotes it as the American Labor Museum
The American Labor Museum is one of several nearby historic sites to explore

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These nearby museums are thematically connected to Paterson NJ's story as the first planned industrial city in the nation:

The Paterson Museum is a 2-3 minute walk from the falls at 2 Market Street, Paterson, NJ, 07501. Please Note: The museum is closed weekends until further notice - for school or group tour reservations, call 973-321-1260.

The American Labor Museum (Botto House), located at 83 Norwood Street, Haledon, NJ, 07508, is 10 minutes away by car from the Great Falls.

Lambert Castle is a 10 minute drive from the Great Falls at 3 Valley Road, Paterson, NJ, 07503. Please Note: Lambert Castle's interior is temporarily closed for renovations. Visitors may still enjoy Garret Mountain's hiking trails. Visit the Lambert Castle website for updates.

People stand at a stone wall at a mountaintop overlook, the dense urban city of Paterson NJ filling the background below
Garret Mountain offers spectacular views of Paterson & its environs

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Hiking and Outdoor Recreation

There are many opportunities for hiking and recreational activities near Paterson - the two most prominent include Garret Mountain Reservation and the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

Garret Mountain Reservation:
Located approx. five minutes from Paterson Great Falls, Garret Mountain Reservation offers numerous recreational activities including hiking, biking, birdwatching, and seasonal activities such as cross-country skiing. Overlooks provide striking views of Paterson, it's environs, and the New York City skyline. Garret Mountain is part of the National Natural Landmark designation which helped establish the Great Falls of the Passaic as a protected resource in 1967. The reservation amenities also include inclusive playground structures, outdoor exercise equipment, a comfort station with restrooms, picnic tables, a gazebo, and an ampitheater.

For more information, including various maps and a detailed amenities list, visit Passaic County's Garret Mountain website or the NY - NJ Trail Conference's Garrett Mountain listing.

Rifle Camp Park:
Just south of Garret Mountain Reservation and approx. eight minutes from Paterson Great Falls, Rifle Camp Park was used by General George Washington and his troops to observe British movements during the American Revolutionary War. Today, the park features picnic grounds, a lean-to camping area, an amphitheater, trails, and a nature center.

For more information, including various maps and a detailed amenities list, visit Passaic County's Rifle Camp Park website.

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge:
The Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge forms a major part of the watershed of the Passaic River. The first National Wildlife Refuge in the country, this U.S. Fish and Wildlife site offers hiking, birdwatching and wildlife blinds, ranger-led programming, and other activities. The refuge is approx. 50 minutes by car from Paterson and located close to Morristown National Historical Park.

A bronze statue of Lou Costello & a brightly colored set of playground equipment stands at left of an open, tree-shaded courtyard with "Lou Costello Memorial Park" in metal letters on a staircase wall. Brick mill buildings & a smokestack stand at rear
Lou Costello Memorial Park is one of several public parks within walking distance of Paterson Great Falls

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Public Parks

There are several public parks within a 15 minute walk or short drive from Paterson Great Falls. Extend your visit and explore these other areas!

Please note: Permits and reservations may be required for certain activities in City parks. Please consult the City of Paterson Parks & Recreation website for additional details.

Mary Ellen Kramer Park
Located beside the Great Falls and Hinchliffe Stadium, Mary Ellen Kramer Park is accessible via Wayne Avenue (Spruce Street Bridge) and a right onto Maple Street. An observation deck offers spectacular falls views.

A tall white obelisk with a weathered green copper statue of soldiers at it's base stands in afternoon light at the top of a set of stairs
Veteran's Memorial Park is one of several sites of monument and memory throughout Paterson

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Lou Costello Memorial Park
Located six minute's walk from the Great Falls, Lou Costello Park features an inclusive play structure with developmental/autism-friendly equipment. From our main address, turn left on McBride Avenue Extension. At the first intersection, continue straight on Ellison Street for two blocks. Lou Costello Park is located across Curtis Place from the Site #10 Paterson Municipal Parking Authority garage. Lou Costello Park is across Ellison street from the small Federici Park.

Lou Costello Pool
Just around the corner from the falls at 169 Grand Street, Paterson, NJ 07501, Lou Costello Pool can be accessed via a nine-minute walk along the Upper Raceway Park or the Stoney Ridge Trail. Situated beside the Levine Reservoir, the pool has picnic grounds and a small playground structure.

The pool and its misting fountain are open seasonally - contact the City of Paterson Department of Parks and Recreation for up-to-date information.

Veteran's Memorial Park
This memorial park, located at 300 McBride Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07501, is 13 minutes west of the falls by foot on McBride Avenue. Parking at the top of the memorial is available to disabled veterans only.

Roberto Clemente Park
Six-minute's drive southeast of the Great Falls, Robert Clemente Park is most easily accessed from Market Street between its intersections with Summer and Rose streets. The park is bounded by Market, Summer, Chestnut, Parkway, and Rose streets, and features an inclusive play structure with developmental/autism-friendly equipment, picnic areas, and a seasonal misting fountain.
A large pavilion & soccer field is seen from across the Passaic River, snow dusting the field & roof
Pennington Park sits opposite Westside Park on the banks of the Passaic River

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Pennington Park
Featuring baseball and soccer fields, Pennington Park is located on the banks of the Passaic River 15 minute's walk west of the Great Falls. The access road and parking is located directly opposite the Nagle Street intersection.

Westside Park
One of the largest parks in Paterson, Westside Park is located across the river and west of Paterson Great Falls at 114 Totowa Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07502, beside John F. Kennedy Highschool. Notable features include the 1741/1831 Van Houten House, river access for fishing, a Shohid Minar monument, a playground, and sports fields for baseball, cricket, tennis, and basketball.

Eastside Park
The compliment to Westside Park, Eastside Park is a nine-minute drive from the Great Falls, bordered by Martin Luther King, Jr. Way (Broadway), McLean Boulevard (State Route 20), Park Avenue, and Derrom Avenue. Located on the banks of the Passaic River, it's amenities include baseball, softball, and cricket fields, picnic areas, numerous historic monuments, a gazebo, a playground, and a skating ring.

For additional information on these parks, please visit the City of Paterson Department of Parks and Recreation webpage.
A white art-deco entrance to Hinchliffe Stadium, decorated with an ornamental gate, red terra-cotta roof tiles, and mosaics decorating the ticket booth. An American flag on a tall pole flies overhead
Historic Hinchliffe Stadium is immediately adjacent to the Great Falls


Hinchliffe Stadium

Constructed in 1932, Hinchliffe Stadium once hosted Olympic-class track and field, football, multiple Negro League teams (including the franchise's World Series), concerts, and automotive and motorcycle racing. Closed in 1996, the art-deco stadium reopened in May of 2023 after extensive restoration. A landmark structure, it once again hosts concerts, events, and school district and minor league games.

Bounded by Maple and Liberty Streets, Hinchliffe Stadium is directly adjacent to Mary Ellen Kramer Park, the Great Falls, and Public School #5. The adjacent public parking garage is located off of Jasper Street, beside the senior housing building at 27 Jasper Street.

Visit the Hinchliffe Stadium website for information, stadium event calendar, and tickets.

Additional Resources

Passaic County
Explore Passaic County! The official Passaic County website has a wide range of resources for planning a trip througout the region which Paterson Great Falls calls home.

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