Paterson's Geology - A Step Back in Time

Geologically speaking, Paterson's past is a varied and exciting one. Volcanic lava flows, upheavals, even the break-up of the supercontinent Pangaea - these events are all part of this area's geologic pre-history. The Falls and other natural features in Paterson give us clues to parts of this story. As you walk over the Falls, through Upper Raceway Park, and around the Great Falls Historic District, you'll see some of these clues.

View of the Great Falls and basaltic cliffs
A view of the Great Falls and basaltic cliffs.

V. Scott - NPS PHOTO


"The Geology of Paterson, New Jersey with a Field Guide" will help you understand what you are looking at; you will learn how prehistoric forces formed this environment, that in turn led to the establishment of the city of Paterson itself.

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