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NPS-Alaska Goes Live!

Date: August 22, 2017

Anchorage, Alaska –New websites for the National Park Service – Alaska Region are launching this week in time for the Service’s 101st anniversary on August 25.

The sites provide a fresh, innovative look with new and revived content.  The Alaska site provides a wealth of information to experience Alaska and engage with the NPS. The site includes Alaska Nature and Science, National Historic Landmarks in Alaska, and Beringia, the first NPS dual-language (English and Russian) site and other subjects. Information on all public lands in Alaska is available on the new Alaska Centers site.

It was a collective effort to launch the Alaska site. Leading the team was Conservation Legacy Fellow Molly Tankersley. "For many, the Alaska NPS website is the first and potentially only experience of these remote parklands people will encounter. To create the site we brought together our scientists, educators, historians, and rangers to rethink how we tell the stories of these special places and the work we do,” said Tankersley.

One of the best features, and an exceptional way to share the stories, is shared content. Shared content offers a rich, online experience allowing a viewer to seamlessly navigate from park to park, parks to programs, programs to regions or anywhere in between. Alaska Regional Web Manager Judy Kesler said, “Shared content collects stories, images and related information from all of Alaska’s parks and programs into one location. The goal is to connect viewers with all-inclusive information on a subject rather than a place. It is a valuable opportunity to discover interconnected relationships in culture, nature and science.” For example, a viewer interested in marine science may want to learn about the marine and coastal wildlife found in and around Alaskan waters. Not only is the viewer provided with biological information on the topic, but subjects like tourism, scientific research and environmental changes also appear. To dive even deeper, the viewer may learn about coastal geology in Alaska, dig into the science of paleontology, or contemplate the aesthetic interpretation of marine life through the eyes of an artist. Shared content makes it easy to navigate and find information.

Shared content is developed regularly and continues to immerse the viewer in new discoveries. Viewers are encouraged to check-in frequently for a virtual Alaskan experience.

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Alaska Nature and Science:
National Historic Landmarks in Alaska:
Russian Beringia:
Alaska Centers:

Last updated: August 22, 2017