Beringia, A Shared Heritage

The Shared Beringian Heritage Program recognizes and celebrates the unique natural resources and rich cultural heritage shared by Russia and the United States across the landscapes and seascapes known as Beringia. The program resulted from a commitment by Presidents George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991 to expand cooperation in the field of environmental protection and the study of global change. Projects, research, and staff of the program aim to improve local, national, and international understanding of these shared resources and values and to sustain the cultural vitality of Native peoples in the region. 

Our mission is to connect people and promote collaboration for thriving cultures and ecosystems and to celebrate the Beringian region. Through strong community connections across Beringia, we are striving to be an international model of friendship and collaboration.




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Beringia Days 2023

Join us October 23-25 in Anchorage, AK

Last updated: October 12, 2023