Alaska's unique spirit and identity

Alaska’s National Historic Landmarks are special places that illustrate powerful stories of conflict and achievement. Alaska is the gateway for the earliest Americans 14,000 years ago and is home to generations of ancient and present-day Arctic cultures. During the Russian period, Alaska Natives struggle to protect their families and their autonomy. As Alaska joins the United States, Euro-Americans, Alaska Natives, immigrant laborers, and U.S. military forces are linked.

The George Thomas Memorial Library National Historic Landmark in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska

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A view of the ocean from Qayassiq Island, Walrus Islands National Historic Landmark

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A red and gray stone arrowhead laying in the sand at Cape Krusenstern National Historic Landmark

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A bronze national historic landmark plaque for the Sitka Spruce Plantation, Unalaska

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Last updated: August 17, 2022