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With millions of acres of diverse and vital wilderness and a human history reaching back 14,000 years, the enormity of Alaska’s story is almost incomprehensible. Within this vast landscape, Alaska’s many national parks, preserves, monuments and national historical parks are home to a host of natural, cultural, and historic wonders. Alaska, the Land of the Midnight Sun, has the nation's largest glacial system, world-class wildlife viewing, North America's tallest peak, and so much more.

Are you a local looking for information on doing business with the Park Service? A first time visitor to Alaska’s parks? A curious mind looking to learn and explore what the National Park Service in Alaska has to offer? You’ve come to the right place.

float planes docked along the shore of an inlet in turquoise waters
Start Your Adventure

Kick off an experience of a lifetime in Alaska's national parks by browsing things to do during your trip.

Two backpackers walk along a creek

Learn about safety topics in the Alaska national parks

two people in hard hats measuring an unknown item in a fir scarred forest with purple flowers
Wildland Fire

Practicing the art and science of fire management in order to protect, preserve and enhance park resources.

a map of beringia, the area of land that once connected Alaska and Russia

Alaska and Russia were joined by the Bering Land Bridge. We continue to foster cultural exchange in Beringia.

a grizzly sow and cubs walk along the road in Denali national park and preserve
Discover Nature and Science

Learn more about the dynamic ecosystems found in Alaska's parks and the scientists who manage them.

woman hangs salmon to dry as part of subsistence practices
Stories of Subsistence

Why and how rural Alaskans depend on fish, wildlife and plant resources.

woman driving an old snowmobile, pulling a sled
Explore the Past

Explore Alaska's historic places, culture, and traditions.

rangers stand with a group of colorfully dressed children in the rain with their tongues out
Be the Future

Begin your quest: Choose your path to discover Alaska’s treasures.

Last updated: April 8, 2022