Northeast Region's Centennial Year in Review

Two rangers smile with a young girl during an event.
Rangers welcome the next generation during Fort Stanwix National Monument's Cultural Day event.

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One National Park System. One century of stewardship. One extraordinary year.

You get one shot to make the most of a major milestone like the National Park Service Centennial and you helped us knock it out of the park. Much more than a year of celebrations, our centennial was an invitation and a Call to Action to every American.

In 2016, we invited you to Find Your Park: to discover the places and stories that have special meaning for you. In the Northeast Region, the stories grew more inclusive of all Americans with the designation of Stonewall National Monument in New York City and the addition of Werowocomoco in Virginia to the National Park System. We protected the iconic landscapes of northern Maine for future generations with the creation of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

We invited fourth graders to see history come alive at a national park and receive their Every Kid in a Park pass. We invited you to create films, music, and artwork inspired by national parks and you blew us away with your creativity and passion. And we asked you to share your stories and experiences in national parks on social media...and did you ever! You tweeted the ranger emoji, shared your photos on Instagram, and joined us live for sunrises and special events.

And we’re just getting started. Join us for the second century of caring for and enjoying America’s treasures. Hike a new trail, participate in a volunteer project, or grab a friend and Find Your Park together! With your help, the National Park Service will be here to “preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the national park system for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.”

Find Your Park!

Mike Caldwell
2016 Northeast Regional Director

Looking Back and Looking Forward

In 2016, we celebrated our centennial with millions of visitors, supporters, and advocates. We went on adventures, we shared our stories, and we ate a lot of birthday cake! Enjoy this video collage of our many adventures, opportunities, special events...and smiles!

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Black screen and National Park Service arrowhead. White text of: "Our Centennial Year in Review; National Park Service; Northeast Region."

Black screen with white text of: "We went on adventures!"

Image of a family hiking in the woods in the fall.

Image of children playing games in a field.

Image of a ranger and a group of visitors at Cape Cod National Seashore being led by a man carrying a shark flag.

Image of six National Park Service staff members jumping in front of a Springfield Armory National Historic Site sign.

Video of visitors playing at Cape Cod National Seashore.

Image of a group of people walking down a paved path.

Image of a group of kayakers with their oars raised.

Image of six people dressed in period clothing at a baseball game.

Image of people in kayaks arranged in the shape of the number "100."

Image of a man at a baseball game wearing  jersey that has text that reads "Acadia" and "100" on the back.

Image of a man, his dog, and his tripod camera on a cliff overlooking New River Gorge.

Video of a group of kayakers and boaters in water.

Image of a group of kayakers with their oars raised.

Image of a group of cyclists and individuals with a "Find Your Park" sign.

Black screen with white text of "We shared our stories."

Image of people in a street holding a rainbow sign that reads: "Hashtag equal in every way."

Video of people dressed in bright clothing playing instruments.

Video of women dancing.

Video of men in bright clothing dancing.

Image of four women and a male park ranger doing a flexed arm pose in front of a sign that reads "we can do it!"

Image of a man holding the American flag.

Image of a joyful woman holding the American flag.

Image of women dancing in kilts.

Black screen with white text that reads: "We invested in our future."

Image of park ranger presenting to a classroom full of children.

Image of girls in hard hats pulling a tree.

Video of visitors walking.

Video of a ranger assisting a visitor with a camera.

Video of a person using a measuring tape.

Image of a girl looking at bioblitz paper materials.

Image of three visitors looking at the sky with binoculars.

Image of children walking along a waterway with skimmers.

Image of a girl in a bandana holding a turtle up to her face.

Image of children presenting a poster.

Image of students and National Park Service staff at the Steven T. Mather High School freshman orientation and team building meeting at Governors Island National Monument.

Image of people marching with Roosevelt signs.

Image of a presentation in front of Independence Hall.

Image of children in party hats around an American flag cake.

Image of a large group of people crossing a foot bridge at Flight 93 National Monument.

Image of a group of children at Flight 93 National Memorial.

Image of students holding certificates posing with two park rangers.

Aerial image of visitors surrounding a train car.

Image of a man taking a "selfie" in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Video of a parade of children wearing hats and mustaches being led by a Theodore Roosevelt actor.

Black background with white text: "We honored our history."

Video of people dancing in period clothing at Fredericksburg Spotsylvania National Military Park.

Image of soldiers in period attire marching with flags.

Image of National Park Service staff and visitors around a Cedar Creek stone marker.

Image of children listening to a graveside presentation.

A park ranger discusses Adinkra symbols and the diverse identities of the enslaved Africans with children at African Burial Ground National Monument.

Image of individuals ready to play baseball dressed in period clothes.

Video of women in colonial attire walking down a curved staircase.

Image of a hospital cook tent.

Image of the Fredericksburg Spotsylvania National Military Park illumination ceremony.

Image of visitors dining at a Farm to Table event at Eisenhower National Historic Site.

Image of a woman holding a sign that reads: "Free Trade and Sailor's Rights."

Image of soldiers holding flags.

Image of a historic weapon demonstration. The weapon operator is in period attire and smoke is emerging as he fires the rifle.

Video of a drum musical presentation.

Black screen with white text: "We explored our artistic sides."

Image of a reflective bison.

Image of children painting in a field.

Video of teens climbing on mossy rock formations.

Video of teens sitting and talking on mossy rock formations.

Image of a male guitarist and a woman singing into a microphone.

Image of two guitarists, a drum player, and a woman singing into a microphone.

Image of a woman looking at artwork on display easels.

Image of two children at Fire Island National Seashore surrounded by beach grass painting pictures on easels.

Image of a group of people dressed in period attire holding banjos and other instruments at Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park.

Image of visitors outside a Gateway National Recreation Area structure that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy and was transformed by spraying brightly colored paint directly onto the structure.

Image of a woman painting a military tank.

Image of a choir group singing next to a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Image of a group of dancers and a man dancing and singing into a microphone.

Image of youth orchestra members playing their instruments outside.

Black screen with white text:  We cared for our special places.,

Image of a group of National Park Service rangers with Betsy Reid Soskin, the oldest National Park Service Ranger.

Image of construction work in progress.

Image of three Citizens Conservation Corps employees in front of the McLean Appomattox Courthouse National Historical Park.

Image of a smiling National Park Service staff member leading an activity line.

Image of two park rangers posing with two backpackers in front of tents.

Image of trumpeters and a trombonist playing in front of a Fort Stanwix National Monument sign being carried in a parade.

Image of National Park Service maintenance staff members repairing a lookout.

Image of rangers and reenactors engaging with visitors at Saratoga National Historical Park.

Image of a dog wearing a ranger flat hat.

Image of a Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area staff member pointing.

Image of a man and a woman planting a tree at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Image of people cleaning a Saratoga stone marker.

Video of National Park Service staff and youth clearing trees.

Video of a young woman helping an elderly woman in front of a produce stand.

Image of a young boy dressed as a ranger with a bald eagle painted on his cheek.

Image focused on a "Find Your Park" stamp with girls in the background.

Image of two individuals dressed in different military attire holding different weapons.

Image of a group of National Park Service staff members and other people holding a sign with text that reads: "I love my park day."

Image of a large group of National Park Service staff members and volunteers standing under a pavilion and in front of a sign with the Twitter (TM) symbol and text that reads "#Find Your Park."

Black screen with white text that reads: "And we’re just getting started.,

Video of a visitor saying  Encuentra Tu Parque!, and a ranger saying  Find Your Park!,

Black screen with white text that reads:  Join us in our second century!;,  the National Park Service Centennial Logo and "Find Your Park" logo; and

Black screen with white text over a map of the National Park Service Northeast Region that reads:  Thank you to the visitors, supporters, and advocates who helped make the National Park Service Centennial a success.,

Black screen with white text over a map of the National Park Service Northeast Region that reads:  Thank you to the Northeast Region centennial coordinators, centennial volunteer ambassadors, parks, programs, and partners for all your hard work, dedication, and passion.

Back screen with white text that reads:  Northeast Region Editorial Team: Jane Ahern, Ellen Carlson, Kathleen Diamond, Shalini Gopie, Stephanie Loeb, Kristi Rugg, Beth Sciumeca.,

Black screen with the National Park Service Arrowhead and white text that reads:  The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.,

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2016 Centennial Review


Centennial Moments Photo Gallery

From special events to state proclamations and from field trips to birthday cake. Here's how we celebrated our 100th year!


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Discover the history, nature, and stories that make the National Park Service rich and diverse.


Northeast by the Numbers

With over 80 parks, trails, landmarks, and waterways to boot, the northeast offers visitors with an abundance of experiences.


Get Involved

Contribute your time, talents, and knowledge to the national parks through stewardship, employment, or partnership.

Centennial Volunteer Ambassadors

Centennial Volunteer Ambassadors

The region hired 21 young adults to help strengthen the bonds between communities and parks in support of the NPS Centennial.

Bar graph displaying the congressional appropriated funds and partner matches. Details of the graph are included in the text to the left.
Graph displays amount of congressional appropriations and matching funds from partners awarded to Northeast Region parks in 2015 and 2016.

Centennial Challenge: 2015-2016

In 2015 and 2016, the National Park Service selected over 150 projects to receive $25 million in congressional appropriations, which were matched by more than $45 million from partner organizations across the country. These projects have a focus on improved visitor services and promote outreach to new audiences.

In the Northeast Region, $1.5 million in congressional appropriations and $1.9 million in partner match funds were awarded for 18 projects in 26 parks in 2015. And then in 2016, another 12 projects in 12 parks were awarded a total of $2.9 million in congressional appropriations and $3.2 million in partner matches.

Visitor Spending 2015 Graph
Graph displays 2015 visitor spending and its effects on the local economy.

Visitor Spending Impact: 2015

Spending by a record number of national park visitors in 2015 provided a $32 billion total economic output to the nation’s economy and supported 295,000 jobs.

In 2015, visitors to parks in the Northeast Region* spent an estimated $3.2 billion in local gateway regions while visiting NPS lands across the country. These expenditures supported a total of 47,451 jobs, $2.5 million in labor income, $2.6 million in value added, and $4.2 million in economic output in the regional economy.

View the entire 2015 National Visitor Spending Report and press release. Details about each of the statistics in the graph can be found on the NPS Social Science Program's website.

*Totals are derived from calendar year 2015 state totals. Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia totals include economic impact and visitation in National Capital Region Parks.

Group of young students pose holding a banner of Acadia National Park.

Every Kid in a Park

12,860 Every Kid in a Park passes redeemed at 27 Northeast Region sites from Sept. 2015 - Aug. 2016. Free passes for all fourth graders.

Find Your Park GeoTour

Find Your Park GeoTour

Adventurers can explore over a dozen Northeast Region park and partner sites on the Find Your Park GeoTour.

Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

The national parks continue to inspire artists in unique residency programs across the country, over ten in the Northeast Region.

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