A Gift to the Nation

Spread across a wild landscape offering spectacular views of Mount Katahdin, Katahdin Woods and Waters invites discovery of its rivers, streams, woods, flora, fauna, geology, and the night skies that have attracted humans for millennia.

An expansive scenic vista of the woods. Mountains in surrounding areas and river in the distance.
Plan Your Visit

The national monument offers opportunities to experience the woods, rivers, trails, and scenic vistas. Learn about basic travel information.

A triangular shaped tent illuminated by a camp light in a dark forest at night.

Learn about the different camping experiences available in the monument.

A close up photo of a person's hands navigating a smartphone with the NPS App opened.
Download the NPS App

Download the NPS App and save the park for offline use before visiting.

Cross country skis leaning on a wooden trail sign in a snowy forest.
Winter Trail Conditions

Most recent and updated conditions for winter recreation trails are posted here.

A group of visitors traveling by cross country skiing, pulling a sled of gear.
Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

Enjoy a winter wonderland experience.

A green frog with a bug on its head peaks from shallow water
Plants & Animals

Find checklists of the animals and plants that live here.

The Milky Way illuminates the dark sky with millions of stars above a river.
Experience a Dark Sky Sanctuary

This national monument is a Dark Sky Sanctuary. Experience the starry nights like never before!

Last updated: April 10, 2024

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