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The Northeast Region (NER) spans across 13 states and is home to a large and diverse selection of sites to visit. Whether you're into learning history from reenactors, standing in awe in front of historic landmarks, walking in the footsteps of legends, climbing mountains, sauntering down a wooded path, or resting on a beautiful beach at sunset, we have something for you.

National Park Sites: 83

Wilderness areas, coastal habitats, historical and recreational trails, historic sites, battlefields.
National Heritage Areas: 20
Designated by Congress as places where natural, cultural, and historic resources form a cohesive, nationally important landscape.
National Natural Landmarks: 147
Nationally significant and conserved as examples of the nation's biological and/or geological features.
National Historic Landmarks: 1,050
Secretary of the Interior designates nationally significant historic places. Just over 1,000 northeastern sites bear this distinction.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 3
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designates globally significant heritage sites.

The Economic Impact of All National Parks: 2018

It is important to know that spending by visitors to national parks provide great benefits as well as generate economic impacts in local and regional economies across the nation. The Northeast Region is a large part of that benefit. These visitor spending effects are the jobs and business activity that result from the direct and ripple effects of National Park Service visitors’ spending money within gateway economies surrounding parks. When looking back at the past five years, we can see the general spending growth, for the economy.

Across the Nation
In 2018, 318 million park visitors spent an estimated $20.2 billion in local gateway regions while visiting National Park Service lands across the country. These expenditures supported a total of 329 thousand jobs, $13.6 billion in labor income, $23.4 billion in value added, and $40.1 billion in economic output in the national economy.

Numbers at a Glance

Park Visitors: 318 million
Spending: $20.2 billion
Jobs Supported: 329,000
Labor Income: $13.6 billion
Value Added: $23.4 billion
Economic Output: $40.1 billion

Graph 1A: Shows the 2018 data for Directly Affected Sectors for National Visitor Spending. $20.2 billion in total visitor spending. Broken down by: Camping $462 million (2.29%), Gas $2.1 billion (10.33%), Groceries $1.4 billion (6.75%), Hotels $6.8 billion (33.73%), Recreation Industries $2.0 billion (9.82%), Restaurants $4.0 billion (19.98%), Retail $1.9 billion (9.2%), Transportation $1.6 billion (7.9%)

Graph 1B: Shows spending for years: 2013: $14.6 billion, 2014: $15.7 billion, 2015: $16.9 bllion and 2016: $18.4 billion, 2017: $18.2 billion, and 2018: $20.2 billion. (See graph)

National Visitor Spending (All Parks)

Northeast Region Visitor Spending Impact: 2018

In 2018, 57 million park visitors spent an estimated $2.3 billion in local gateway regions while visiting National Park Service lands in the Northeast Region. These expenditures supported a total of almost 46 thousand jobs, $1.9 billion in labor income, $3.3 billion in value added, and $5.2 billion in economic output in the Region’s economy.

Numbers at a Glance

Park Visitors: 57 million
Local Spending: $2.3 billion*
Jobs Supported: 45,853 jobs*
Labor Income: $1.9 billion
Value Added: $3.3 billion
Regional Economic Output: $5.2 billion*

Jobs and Affected Sectors

Hotels: 9,252 jobs
Camping: 1,814 jobs
Restaurants: 10,909 jobs
Groceries: 991 jobs
Gas: 669 jobs
Transportation: 778 jobs
Recreation Industries: 3,844 jobs
Retail: 2,906 jobs
Secondary Effects: 14,690 jobs

Graph 1C: Number of jobs within affected sectors. Total of 45,853 thousand jobs, broken down by: Hotels: 9,252 jobs, Camping: 1,814 jobs, Restaurants: 10,909 jobs, Groceries: 991 jobs, Gas: 669 jobs, Transportation: 778 jobs, Recreation Industries: 3,844 jobs, Retail: 2,906 jobs, Secondary Effects: 14,690 jobs.

Graph 1D: Regional Economic Job Contributions. Broken down by year. 2012: 31.2 thousand jobs, 2013: 30.5 thousand jobs, 2014: 36.3 thousand jobs, 2015: 37.5 thousand jobs, 2016: 41.2 thousand jobs, 2017: 38.8 thousand jobs, and 2018: 45.8 thousand jobs.

Northeast Region Economic Contribution: Jobs (2018)

Northeast Region Parks 2018 Visitation Visitor Spending
Gateway National Recreation Area 9,243,305 $248,857,000
Independence National Historical Park 4,576,455 $270,253,000
Statue Of Liberty National Monument 4,335,431 $256,020,000
Castle Clinton National Monument 4,533,564 $113,780,000
Cape Cod National Seashore 3,926,462 $494,995,000
Acadia National Park 3,537,575 $387,654,000
Boston National Historical Park 3,053,240 $180,302,000
Colonial National Historical Park 3,294,224 $331,575,000
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area 3,261,921 $113,209,000
Assateague Island National Seashore 2,136,889 $94,476,000
Valley Forge National Historical Park 1,881,362 $24,097,000
Shenandoah National Park 1,264,880 $86,905,000
New River Gorge National River 1,232,628 $54,681,000
Minute Man National Historical Park 1,014,802 $59,927,000
Gettysburg National Military Park 949,989 $61,494,000
Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park 926,464 $54,710,000
Governors Island National Monument 589,799 $34,829,000
Stonewall National Monument 511,220 $30,189,000
Lowell National Historical Park 507,276 $29,956,000
Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine 486,113 $28,706,000
Boston African American National Historic Site 410,893 $24,264,000
Flight 93 National Memorial 381,448 $22,526,000
Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site 340,870 $20,129,000
Fire Island National Seashore 305,710 $13,470,000
Salem Maritime National Historic Site 300,475 $17,744,000
Fort Necessity National Battlefield 280,971 $16,586,000
Morristown National Historical Park 279,393 $16,499,000
Federal Hall National Memorial 230,633 $13,619,000
Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River 220,965 $9,808,000
Petersburg National Battlefield 204,322 $12,066,000
Richmond National Battlefield Park 199,345 $11,772,000
Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site 189,048 $11,164,000
New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park 186,937 $10,132,000
Home Of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site 154,000 $9,094,000
Johnstown Flood National Memorial 146,269 $9,132,000
Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park 143,605 $8,480,000
Saratoga National Historical Park 135,445 $7,998,000
Adams National Historical Park 121,007 $7,146,000
George Washington Birthplace National Monument 111,058 $5,126,000
Appomattox Court House National Historical Park 103,045 $6,085,000
Gauley River National Recreation Area 97,779 $4,300,000
Steamtown National Historic Site 97,949 $5,364,000
Fort Stanwix National Monument 90,507 $5,037,000
General Grant National Memorial 73,336 $4,331,000
Hamilton Grange National Memorial 66,216 $3,910,000
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park 63,886 $3,773,000
Roger Williams National Memorial 60,709 $3,585,000
Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site 60,528 $3,574,000
Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site 54,649 $3,227,000
Thomas Edison National Historical Park 47,298 $2,793,000
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site 46,407 $2,741,000
African Burial Ground National Monument 45,036 $2,660,000
Women's Rights National Historical Park 42,783 $3,131,000
Eisenhower National Historic Site 42,036 $2,482,000
Friendship Hill National Historic Site 41,678 $2,461,000
Sagamore Hill National Historic Site 39,969 $2,360,000
Weir Farm National Historic Site 35,383 $2,089,000
Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site 35,218 $1,764,000
Bluestone National Scenic River 31,315 $1,390,000
Hampton National Historic Site 29,617 $1,749,000
Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site 27,507 $1,624,000
John F. Kennedy National Historic Site 24,077 $1,422,000
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site 23,155 $1367,000
Booker T. Washington National Monument 22,732 $1,342,000
Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site 21,631 $1,277,000
Springfield Armory National Historic Site 20,105 $1,187,000
Martin Van Buren National Historic Site 18,642 $1,101,000
Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site 10,961 $647,000
Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site 16,314 $963,000
Saint Croix Island International Historic Site 12,000 $709,000
Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site 10,661 $629,000
Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site 9,855 $582,000
Thomas Stone National Historic Site 8,255 $488,000
Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial 2,077 $123,000

Northeast Region Economic Contributions: Jobs

* Visitor Spending is the total amount directly spent by both local and non-local visitors in local areas surrounding parks in calendar year 2018.

* Jobs is the total number of full time, part time, and temporary jobs in state economies resulting from all visitor spending in local areas surrounding parks in calendar year 2018.

* Economic Output measures the total estimated value of the production of goods and services resulting from all visitor spending in local areas surrounding parks in calendar year 2018.

Volunteering: A Tremendous Contribution

Volunteers come from all over the world to help preserve and protect America’s natural and cultural heritage for the enjoyment of this and future generations. Volunteers of all ages give of their time and expertise to help achieve the National Park Service mission.

Volunteering is an American tradition that has made an immeasurable contribution to communities, organizations, and individuals throughout the country. Today’s volunteers are active, dynamic, creative individuals who possess the skills, desire, patience, and time to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

With Your Help In 2017

In Fiscal Year 2018, there were 302,106 individuals who volunteered 7,233,550 hours of voluntary service worth more than $178 million to the National Park Service (based on the Independent Sector value of a volunteer hour is $24.69).

The Northeast Region had 55,836 individual volunteers providing 1,331,002 hours of service worth more than $33.8 million.

Numbers at a Glance

National Volunteers: 302,106 individuals
National Hours: 7,233,550
Value to the National Park Service: $178.6 million

Northeast Region Volunteers: 55,836 individuals
Northeast Region Hours: 1,331,002
Northeast Region Value: $33.8 million

Last updated: October 8, 2019