What We Do

Stone tower overlooking the Grand Canyon
Desert View Watchtower, Grand Canyon National Park, designed by Mary Colter of the Fred Harvey Company and constructed by the Santa Fe Railroad in 1932.

Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress.

The Cultural Resources, Partnerships, and Science Directorate's archeologists, architects, curators, historians, and other cultural resource professionals assist America's national parks to preserve, protect, and share the history of this land and its people. Beyond the parks, they implement the National Park Service's role in the national preservation partnership, working with American Indian Tribes, states, local governments, nonprofit organizations, historic property owners, and others who believe in the importance of our shared heritage and its preservation.

Our programs and staff seek to achieve a standard of excellence for the stewardship of the resources that form the historical and cultural foundations of the nation, commit at all levels to a common sets of goals, and articulate a common vision for the next century.

We invite you to explore our programs and learn more about what we do and how we can help in your park or community. You can also connect with us in social media and read our publications.


Last updated: October 15, 2017