Backcountry Camp Availability

Use the form below to check walk-up camp availability to help you in your backcountry trip planning. Information comes directly from our permitting system and is updated every 10 minutes.

NOTE: Sites cannot be held via email or phone and advance reservations are no longer available for the 2020 season. Permits are only available the day of or day before you start your trip.

Getting a Permit

Once you've confirmed availability, follow the instructions on the Backcountry Permits page to get a walk-up permit.

Usage Tips

  • Hover over or tap on a cell to see the maximum party capacity for that camp given its policy and site availability.
  • Click or tap a camp name to toggle a highlight for its row to make it easier to follow when scrolling horizontally, particularly on mobile devices.
  • View the Wilderness Trip Planner for more information on camp location, features, and specific campfire and food storage policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't find my desired camp. Where is it?
    If you're not sure what area your camp is in or you don't see it listed, choose All Camps and Zones.
  • How are some sites taken or full days or weeks from now? Aren't permits only available the day of or day before?
    60 percent of backcountry sites are reservable in the spring during the advance reservation period. For more information, visit the Backcountry Reservations page. Further, some parties may have longer itineraries that include those sites toward the end of their trips.
  • Why does the camp and date I want show sites are available but it's grayed out?
    The camp does not have enough sites to accomodate your party. If your party size is greater than the size of a single site, you will need to get a permit for multiple sites.
  • What are my chances of getting a walk-up permit if there are sites available for my desired camp and dates?
    Chances of securing a permit for a camp depend greatly on its popularity, what of the day of the week it is, and what the weather and conditions are. For example, walk-up sites on Ross and Diablo Lakes, Sahale Glacier camp, and Boston Basin are all extremely competitive on sunny August weekends and still competitive mid-week. But, if you're flexible in your days and prepared for less than perfect conditions, you can still get a permit for even the most popular areas. You can also greatly increase your chances by being at the station when we open on the day before your trip. Long lines on Friday and Saturday mornings are not unusual.
Any other questions? Please email us.

Last updated: August 18, 2020

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