Redwood Renewal Begins

Redwood Renewal Begins Priority Projects

Muir Woods National Monument is world renowned for its old-growth coastal redwoods, attracting over 800 thousand visitors in 2023. With the park’s popularity come pressures on a fragile ecosystem representing more than 380 different plants and animals.

The National Park Service initiated a family of projects to ensure the preservation and health of Muir Woods for generations to come. These projects put in place the critical infrastructure needed to enhance visitor experience, protect and restore park resources, and enhance safety.

Every effort has been made to schedule work to reduce impacts to visitors and residents, but near-term impacts are inevitable. We thank you for your patience as we carry out these important projects. Know before you go! Visitors should read our Active Alerts and follow us on social media @MuirWoodsNPS or @GGNRANPSAlerts. This project will span many years, and will ensure a healthy creek for generations to come!


Priority Projects | 2019-2029

parking and shuttle

Parking and Shuttle Reservation System | Complete

Goal: Manage visitation levels using a parking and shuttle reservation system in order to enhance visitor experience and protect park resources.

Project highlights include:

  • A year-round reservation system for all private vehicles and shuttle passengers arriving to Muir Woods National Monument.
  • For more information on the reservation system visit
water drop

Water/Wastewater Service Rehabilitation | Complete

Goal: Rehabilitate aging service lines to increase the reliability of water and wastewater services in support of visitor and employee health and safety.

Project highlights include:

  • Installation of new infrastructure to meet all modern code requirements for fire protection flow demands and potable water quality and storage.
  • Replacement and relocation of wastewater line out of ecologically sensitive Redwood Creek corridor.
  • Construction of a new lift station.
  • Install fiber optic cables

Salmon Habitat Enhancement | Complete

Goal: Restore habitat for aquatic life including the federally endangered Coho salmon.

Project highlights include:

  • Removal of engineered riprap (boulders) from the stream banks and reintroduction of large woody debris to enhance aquatic habitat.
  • Removing the rock walls will benefit not only coho, but also other plants and wildlife and even insects that depend upon a healthier stream and forest ecosystem.

yield pedestrian sign

Sustainable Access Project | 2020-2029

Goal: Improve visitor arrival experience and enhance resource protection through the redesign of parking areas, pedestrian paths, and other visitor amenities.

Project highlights include:

  • Redesign of parking areas, trails, and visitor amenities.
  • Construction of new Dipsea Trail pedestrian bridge.
  • Replace the entrance boardwalk (detour in to park available).
Sustainable Access Timeline:

  • Phase 1 Schematic Design completed 2020-2021
  • Phase 2 Design Development 2022-2024
  • Phase 3 Construction 2025-2029
Dipsea Trail Timeline:

  • Phase 1 Design 2023-2024
  • Phase 2 Construction 2028-2029
car over bridge

Muir Woods Road Improvements | 2023-2028

Goal: The Federal Highway Administration and County of Marin are planning to repair Muir Woods Road to enhance public safety and protect park resources.

Project Highlights:

  • Upgrade drainage to better address storm water pollution.
  • Replace the Muir Woods Road Bridge over Redwood Creek.
  • Repair and repave road between California Highway 1 and Muir Woods National Monument.


Bridge Replacement | 2026 - 2028

Goal: Replace bridges across Redwood Creek to improve stream channel in Muir Woods.

Project Highlight: Replacement of four aging pedestrian bridges to maintain accessible crossings, improve public safety, and enhance habitat restoration efforts.

Map of Redwood Renewal Projects
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