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Burbank Portraits of Chis Chilli and Begay Families
Portrait of Chischili Portrait of Tpapa
Portrait of Estanlopa Portrait of Yaotza
Portrait of Bina'Onil
During his lifetime, Burbank completed nearly 1000 oil portraits and 1200 red Conté drawings of American Indians. Many were of Navajo. Many Horses, Hubbell’s good friend, was Burbank’s first Navajo subject. The artist captured portraits of Navajo peoples and scenes of Navajo life in oil and red Conté crayon. Burbank painted members of the same families and clans. Several of his subjects worked for the Hubbell family.

Burbank’s goal was to paint “every single Indian tribe in America.” Although he fell short of his goal, Burbank’s work continues to make an important contribution to American history and culture. Charles Russell considered Burbank the greatest painter of Indian portraits.
Portrait of Bitagu-Lichi_Bitzi Portrait of Hastin-Nez
Bitagu and Hastin Nez
Burbank portraits of the
Hastin Nez Family
Portrait of Tonto Portrait of Apache
Portrait of Tsohe Portrait of Nehazbah
Portrait of Estzanlapa
Burbank portraits of the
Pastrlacia Baad and Daughter
Portrait of Pastrlacia-Baad Portrait of Estzannez
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