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Upholstered Side ChairBlanket Chest Tall Chest
Settee Sofa Wing Wardrobe Library Bookcase Night Table Chest of Drawers Dressing Table Armchair Easy Chair Pier Table Post Bed
Secretary and Bookcase
Side Chairs Side chair Couch Sofa Pier Table (one of a pair) Center Table Pier Table Sideboard Dining Table Breakfast Table
Secretary (Secretaire a abbatant) Cellarette
Rococo Revival
Couch Tête-à-tête Armchair Side Chair Lady's Slipper Chair Sofa (Confidante) Pier Mirror
Renaissance Revival
Side Chair Hall Chair Chamber Chair
Chinese Export
Vase Vase/Palace Jar Plant Stand Games Table Tilt-top Tea Table Nest of Tables

Entertaining and Dining

Serving Dishes
Serving Dishes Sauce Tureen on Stand Covered Vegetable Dishes Sauce Tureen, Sweetmeat Dish, and Dinner Plate Fish Platter Dessert and Fruit Plates with Teacup and Saucer Dinner and Soup Plates with Teacup and Saucer Serving Dish Veilleuse (Teapot on Stand) Cheese Dish Soup Tureen Soup Plate and Covered Serving Dish Oval Serving Dishes, Lozenge-shaped Serving Dish Footed Serving Dish, Cake Plate, Oval Serving Bowl Glacier (Ice Cream Urn/Fruit Cooler) Serving Dishes, Platter, Dinner and Soup Plate Meat Platter Soup and Sauce Tureens on Stands Sauce Tureen and Sauceboat Fruit Bowl on Stand Serving Dishes Chamber Pot Punch Bowl Punch Bowl Punch Bowl
Ice Pail on Stand (one of a pair) Wine Glasses Wine Ewers Pitcher and Decanter Decanters Wine Glass Wine Glasses Vases
Candelabra Candelabrum on Plateau Coffee and Tea Set Punch Bowl on Stand with Monteith Rim Candlesticks Dish Cross Hot Water Urn on Stand Ewer Epergne Salvers Wine Coolers Sweetmeat Dishes Covered Serving Dishes Tea Caddy Cake Basket


Games, Music, and Sports
Games Table The Dolls Tea Party Harp Music Box Piano Ice Skates Croquet set Tennis Racket, Lacrosse and Field Hockey Sticks Julian Ridgely with Bicycle "Find in what room are..." Card Game The Complete Vocal Instructor and a Sheet Music Anthology
Clock Cachepot The Romance of Nature or the Flower-Seasons Illustrated Map of the Hampton Estate Plan of the Hampton Gardens Parterre 1, Hampton Falling Gardens Parterre 2, Hampton Falling Gardens View of the Hampton Orangery View of Hampton Greenhouse Garden Urn
Double-arm Argand Lamp
Argand Lamp Candelabras Chandelier Chandelier Girandole glass Argand Lamp Girandole Girandole Sinumbra Lamp Chandelier Candelabrum Argand Ceiling Fixture
Andirons Fire Bucket Parlor Stove Andirons
Barouche Racing Trophy Man's Foxhunting Coat Lady's Foxhunting Jacket, Boots, and Hat Ridgely Children with Goat Cart Fox Hunt at Hampton Helen Ridgely with her Automobile at Hampton Louise Ridgely on Jumping Horse Carriage House at Hampton
Lunch Box Passport Inkwell Architectural Carving Souvenir Urn Mirror with Textile Fragment Landscape Landscape with Peasants "Eruzione de 13 Settembre 1810" "Vista Della Gran Festa Del Re Ferdinando IV Nel Regnio Di Napoli A 17 Guignio [sic] 1815" Horloge Astonomique de la Cathedrale de Strasbourg Church in Havana Watch Hill, Rhode Island Figures on the Boardwalk Interior of Train Car Italy, Classical, Historical, and Picturesque Nuova Raccolta di Quiquanta Costumi


Captain Charles Ridgely (1733-1790) and Rebecca Dorsey (1739-1812)
Captain Charles Ridgely Rebecca Dorsey Ridgely Telescope Soup Plates Side Chair Saucers Serving Dish Bowl Fireback
Charles Carnan Ridgely (1760-1829) and Priscilla Hill Dorsey (1762-1814)
Charles Carnan Ridgely Priscilla Dorsey Ridgely Teapot on Stand Lozenge-shaped Serving Dish Compote Armchair Family Bible Wager
John Ridgely (1790-1867) and Eliza Eichelberger Ridgely (1803-1867)
John Carnan Ridgely Eliza Eichelberger Ridgely Barouche Vases
Charles Ridgely (1830-1872) and Margaretta Howard Ridgely
Charles Ridgely Charles Ridgely Margaretta Sophia Howard Ridgely Margaretta Sophia Howard Ridgely with her daughter Juliana Ridgely Yeaton Punch Bowl Ring with Box
John Ridgely (1851-1938) and Helen West Stewart Ridgely (1854-1929),
Captain John Ridgely Helen West Stewart Ridgely Helen West Stewart Ridgely Captain John Ridgely Pastoral Landscape with a Bridge Typewriter The Old Brick Churches of Maryland Catalogue of the "Hampton" Herd
John Ridgely, Jr. (1882-1959) and Louise Roman Humichouse (1883-1934)
John Ridgely, Jr. John Ridgely, Jr. John Ridgely, Jr., Jane Rodney Ridgely, and Servant Louise Roman Humichouse Ridgely Louise Roman Humichouse Ridgely Tea Service The Hampton Company Brochure
John Ridgely III (1911-1990) and Lillian Ketcham Ridgely (1908-1996)
John Ridgely III and Lillian Ketcham Ridgely John Ridgely III and Lillian Ketcham Ridgely Awarding of Battle Honors List
Children at Hampton
Amy Watson John Ridgely, Charles Ridgely, Henry White II, and Julian Leroy White William H. Buckler John Ridgely, Jr. and Charles Ridgely Howard Ridgely and Otho Ridgely Eliza Ridgely III Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper A Children's Ball Evil Deeds and Evil Consequences School Exercise Book Notebook "Love Dominating the World" (William H. Buckler)
Other Family Members
Eliza "Didy" Ridgely Margaretta S. Ridgely with Three Children Eliza "Didy" Ridgely White Buckler and William H. Buckler Ridgely Henry White Permit
Slaves, Servants and Employees
Dairyman at the Hampton Dairy Mary Nancy Davis and Eliza Ridgely III Family Group in Newport Mary Howard & Joe Louis Nancy Davis, Margaretta Sophia Ridgely, and Juliana Ridgely Yeaton Unidentified African-American Woman Runaway Reward Notice Receipt Receipt Newspaper Clipping Button

Ridgely Family Coat of Arms

Cuff Link Pier Mirror Sweetmeat Dish Coverlet Pier Mirror and Window Cornices Plaque Curtain Tieback Stained Glass Window