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U. S. Department of State

This is the passport that was issued prior to the two-year long trip to Europe taken by John Ridgely (1790-1867), his wife, Eliza Eichelberger Ridgely (1803-1867), and their two teenage children, Eliza "Didy" Ridgely (1828-1894) and Charles Ridgely (1830-1872). Signed on the first page by James Buchanan, additional pages bear handwritten inscriptions and diplomatic stamps of the various European countries the family visited on their Grand Tour. These included England, France, Italian states, several Mediterranean islands, the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey), Greece, Austria, the German confederation, and Belgium.

Paper, cloth, cardboard. L 15.2, W 9.5 cm
Hampton National Historic Site, HAMP 14525