National Park Service Museum Management Program, Access and Use Team, for initiating, developing, and coordinating this World Wide Web project to highlight NPS museum collections.

     Ann Hitchcock, Chief Curator

     Preservation and Protection Team
     Jessica S. Johnson, Conservator, Project Manager
     Diane Vogt O'Connor, Archivist

     Access and Use Team
     Joan Bacharach, Museum Curator and Team Coordinator
     Ned Howard, former NCPE Intern
     Michelle Martello, NCPE intern

    National Park Service, Northeast Cultural Resources Center

         Brigid Sullivan, Conservator
         Carol Warner, Conservator

    National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center Conservation

         Martin Burke, Associate Manager, Div. of Conservation
         Barbara Cumberland, Museum Specialist
         Jane Merritt, Conservator
         Nancy Purinton, Conservator

    National Park Service Western Archeological and Conservation Center

         Grace Katterman, Museum Technician
         Gretchen Voeks, Conservator

    Canyon de Chelly National Monument

         Tara Elizabeth Travis, Historian

    Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

         Virginia Kilby, Curator

    Lincoln Boyhood National Monument

         Dusty Shultz, Superintendent

    Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park

         John H. Dryfhout, Superintendent

    The title was suggested by Rae Beaubien, Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education.

    For additional information, contact:

    National Park Service Museum Management Program
    National Park Service
    1849 C Street NW
    Room NC 230
    Washington, DC 20240