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Guide to Jockey Hollow

Looking to find something fast in Jockey Hollow? This quick guide should help.

Restrooms are located at the Visitor Center and at the New York Brigade Comfort Station.
  • The Visitor Center is located at the southwest end of the park, near the Wick Farm House, at the junction of Cemetary Road and Jockey Hollow Road, and the entrance to the park from Tempe Wick Road. The Yellow Trail comes closest to the Visitor Center.
  • The New York Brigade Comfort Station is located at the northeast end of Jockey Hollow, at the junction of Grand Parade Road and Jockey Hollow Road, and the entrance to the park from Western Avenue. The Yellow, Blue, and White Trails pass near the New York Brigade station.

Parking Lots are located at the Visitor Center, Wick Farm House, Soldier Huts, New York Brigade, and Trail Center. Visitors may also park at the Cross Estate & New Jersey Brigade.  Visitors are reminded to only park in designated spots. Parking on the grass is not allowed, except when and where it is explicitly permitted by park staff.
  • The Visitor Center has the largest lot and is within walking distance of the Visitor Center. There are approximately one hundred parking spots, with spaces for oversize and accessible vehicles as well.
  • The Wick Farm House lot on Cemetary Road at the start of the Tour Road offers spaces closer to the Yellow trail head and the Wick Farm.
  • The Soldier Hut lot coming up from Cemetary Road has spaces near the Yellow Trail and the replica Soldier Huts built by the NPS on a hill where the original huts once stood. The road forks at this lot. Visitors may travel along Sugarloaf Road to the north, or continue on the Tour Road by taking Grand Parade Road east.
  • The New York Brigade lot gives access to the Blue Trail and the Comfort Station, as well as the northeast park entrance on Western Avenue. The Tour Road continues down Jockey Hollow Road.
  • The Trail Center lot sits along Jockey Hollow Road near the confluence of many of the park's trails, including the Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, and Blue trails.
  • The Cross Estate and New Jersey Brigade lot can be reached by Hardscrabble Road. The lot is rough gravel and unmarked. Visitors are reminded not to park on the grass or block access to the roadways.

If you are looking for something in particular, these trails are suggested.
  • Soldier Hut Replicas: Yellow Trail
  • Scenic View: Blue Trail
  • Streams and Springs: Red and Green Trails
  • A pond: Blue and White Trails
  • Passaic River: Passaic River Trail (AKA New Jersey Brigade Trail)
  • Hikes for Kids: Red and Yellow Trails
  • Strenuous Hikes: White Trail Loop and New Jersey Brigade Trails
  • Less Crowded: White, Blue, Orange, and New Jersey Brigade Trails
  • Popular Trails: Yellow Trail and Tour Road
You can access the following trails based on your parking lot:
  • Visitor Center and Wick Farm: Yellow and White Trails
  • Soldier Huts: Yellow, White and Orange Trails
  • New York Brigade: Blue Trail
  • Trail Center: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, and Red Trails
  • New Jersey Brigade and Cross Estate: New Jersey Brigade and Passaic River Trails
Visitors may also walk on the Tour Road, and are reminded to watch for traffic at all times and share the road with vehicles.

Bicycles are only allowed on the Tour Road and other areas where automobiles are allowed.

Last updated: November 25, 2022

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