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Mount Rainier: Off the Beaten Path

Planning your visit but don't know where to go? Scroll through this story map to get a preview of some places to go in the park. For the best viewing experience, click "View full screen" at the bottom of the window. 

Mount Rainier National Park encompasses 235,625 acres or 368 square miles. Of that amount, 228,480 acres (97% of the park) has been designated by Congress as wilderness. The park's National Historic Landmark District includes 2.7% of the park. The park has over 260 miles of maintained trails and 147 miles of roads. Many roads and facilities in the park are only open seasonally. Make sure to check Hours of Operation, Road Status and Maps before planning your visit to the park. The park has five developed areas, with three visitor centers, a museum, and several wilderness and climbing centers and ranger stations. There are three main drive-in campgrounds, and two inns that provide lodging within the park. Where do you want to go?

Wildflowers bloom in front of a large wood building with an angled roof.

Stay in one of the park's historic inns.

An RV parked at a campsite.

Camp in one of the park's three drive-in campgrounds.

Sunlight illuminates a tent set up at the base of three trees.
Wilderness Camping

Only a small part of the park can be reached by vehicles. Explore the rest through hiking and wilderness camping.

A person crosses a bridge surrounded by dense vegetation.
Carbon River & Mowich

Stroll through the temperate rain forests of Carbon River or visit the park's largest lake at Mowich.

White water rushes over a rock face into a blue river.

Feel the spray of waterfalls and the calm of the old growth forests at Ohanapecosh.

A path leads through a meadow filled with wildflowers

Experience the colorful subalpine meadows of Paradise.

A wood and stone building tucked away in the forest and blanketed in snow.

With historic buildings and low elevation hiking, Longmire is open year-round.

A cluster of buildings in yellow meadows on the slopes of a glaciated mountain.

Drive into the subalpine zone for some of the best views in the park from Sunrise.

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    Last updated: May 3, 2023

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