Annual Climbing Fee FAQs

Do I need to pay the Annual Climbing Fee to climb Mount Rainier?
Yes. All persons climbing or skiing on glaciers, attempting a summit, or ascending above high camps are required by law to pay the Annual Climbing Fee in order to obtain a permit.

Do I need to pay the Annual Climbing Fee to hike up to Camp Muir or Camp Schurman, but no higher?
No. There is no need to pay the fee to travel only as far as Camp Muir or Camp Schurman. If you are going for a day trip only, nothing additional is required. If you are staying out overnight, a Wilderness Permit is required.

If I pay the Annual Climbing Fee, do I still need to register for my climb in person?
Yes. Your party is still required to register and obtain a Climbing Permit in person, for your climb on the day your climb begins or the day prior to the climb, at a ranger station at Mount Rainier National Park.

How do I pay the Annual Climbing Fee?
You must pay online through and you can pay the fee before coming to the park: Pay the Annual Climbing Fee

What methods of payment are accepted?
You will need a credit card to pay the fee through No checks or cash are accepted.

How much is the climbing fee?
The fee changes with the Consumer Price Index every year.

The fee for 2024 is $68 per person for all ages.

If I pay the fee, how long is it valid?
The fee is good from the day purchased through December 31st of the year purchased.

How many climbs can I do in a calendar year once I have paid the fee?
You may register for an unlimited number of climbs within the calendar year.

Where does the money from the Annual Climbing Fee go?
The funds generated from the fee are used to:

  • Protect the mountain's delicate and unique alpine environment

  • Staff the mountain's high camps with rangers

  • Staff ranger stations to assist climbers in registration

  • Maintain a clean and healthful upper mountain free of human waste

  • Remove human waste from the mountain each season and dispose of it properly

  • Provide rangers who can rapidly respond to incidents on the mountain

Do I need to show that I have paid the fee when I register for a climb?
Yes, you will need to show proof of payment of the Annual Climbing Fee. Your confirmation email you received from will work. This serves as your receipt. Either print the email or save it so that you can show it to us on your device. Each climber must also have a valid photo I.D. at the time they register for their climb that matches the name under which the fee was paid.

What if I show up to climb and I have forgotten my confirmation email/receipt?
If you have a valid photo ID, we can look you up in the system to see if you have paid. However, this slows down the registration process, so it is strongly recommended to bring your confirmation email/receipt with you.

Does every climber need to have valid photo I.D.?
Yes. A valid photo ID is required when showing us a receipt/confirmation email of paying the climbing fee. This allows us to confirm that you actually paid the fee.

Can I let my friends use my use my climbing fee confirmation/receipt?
No. The Annual Climbing Fee is non-transferable and each person climbing needs to pay the fee.

Is the Annual Climbing Fee valid anywhere else?
No. The fee can only be used at Mount Rainier National Park.

Last updated: January 4, 2024

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