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The bright yellow flower and leaves of a Skunk Cabbage covered in dew.
The bright yellow flower of Skunk Cabbage lights up the wet lowlands of Mount Rainier.

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NPS Centennial Series
Join us as we celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service, from exploring the park's history to looking forward to the rangers of the future!

Citizen Science
This video series follows volunteers behind-the-scenes as they participate in citizen science projects in the park, including trail counting and amphibian monitoring.
Visit Mount Rainier
Videos that provide an introduction to the places to go and things to do when visiting Mount Rainier.
Carbon River Project
The Carbon River Road was heavily damaged in the November 2006 flood, and ecological protection structures such as engineered log jams have recently been installed in the Carbon area to help minimize damage to park facilities and roads in the future from flooding. This short film provides insight into the process of designing and building these unusual structures.
Chinook Entrance Arch Restoration Project
The Chinook Entrance Arch spans the width of the Mather Memorial Parkway (SR 410) at 5,432 feet on the northeastern boundary of the park. After nearly eight decades of use the Arch was in desperate need of repair, prompting Mount Rainier National Park to undertake a massive restoration project to preserve this historic structure.
Ecological Restoration
Ecological Restoration involves replanting native plants in disturbed areas to help protect and restore Mount Rainier's delicate subalpine ecosystems. Learn more through a series of videos that follow the process from summer to fall.
Ranger Brief Series
Hear directly from park rangers on a variety of topics from winter and backcountry safety to natural resources and park history.
The Seasons of Mount Rainier
This collection of short videos will highlight the changing nature of Mount Rainier through the seasons.
The Road to Paradise: Winter Access
Go behind-the-scenes of park operations to find out what it takes to open and maintain the road to Paradise during the winter months in this short video.

Measuring Glaciers
A video produced by the North Coast and Cascades Science Learning Network featuring the scientists who study the glaciers of Mount Rainier.

Last updated: March 13, 2018

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