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A narrow wood suspension bridge over a blue-green river.
Mount Rainier Experiences

Experience Mount Rainier National Park through this video series, featuring all four corners of the park.

  • A boy wearing a green ranger vest points at dates on a tree ring.
    NPS Centennial Series

    Celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service, from exploring the park's history to looking forward to the rangers of the future!

  • A ranger stands in front of a tall snowbank.
    The Road to Paradise: Winter Access

    Go behind-the-scenes of park operations to find out what it takes to open and maintain the road to Paradise during the winter months.

  • A two story rock and wood building surrounded by forest.
    Visit Mount Rainier

    Take a video tour of the places to go and things to do at Mount Rainier!

  • A rock-covered glacier in a narrow valley.
    Carbon River

    Explore the history and geology of the Carbon Glacier, and how it changes the landscape of the Carbon River area.

  • A large truck lifts a large log to span above a road between to rock walls.
    Chinook Entrance Arch Restoration

    The Chinook Entrance Arch was in desperate need of repair, prompting a restoration project to preserve this historic structure.

  • A ranger points at a wildflower meadow and Mount Rainier.
    Ranger Brief Series

    Hear directly from park rangers on a variety of topics from wilderness safety to natural & cultural resources.

  • A ranger kneels in a meadow.
    Ecological Restoration

    Ecological Restoration is the ongoing work of restoring and protecting Mount Rainier's delicate subalpine ecosystems.

  • Dew drops on leaves.
    The Seasons of Mount Rainier

    This collection of short videos highlight the changing nature of Mount Rainier through the summer season.

  • A person standing in a lake holds up a clear bag with a lake water sample.
    Citizen Science

    Follows volunteers behind-the-scenes as they participate in citizen science projects in the park.


Other Videos:

Videos featuring members of the Nisqually and Cowlitz Tribes are available on the Associated Tribes of Mount Rainier page.

Measuring Glaciers - A video produced by the North Coast and Cascades Science Learning Network featuring the scientists who study the glaciers of Mount Rainier.

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3 minutes, 12 seconds

Many people find solace and inspiration in natural landscapes. The National Park Service December 2020 theme is “finding peace in parks”. We hope this short video reminds you of some of the peaceful landscapes of Mount Rainier through the seasons, from mountain vistas to temperate rain forests. What landscapes do you find calming?




Last updated: October 11, 2023

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