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Living with a Volcano in Your Backyard, an interdisciplinary middle school curriculum, focuses on the processes, products, and hazards associated with living in the shadow of Mount Rainier, the volcano. The curriculum is divided into three thematic chapters: What the Past Tells Us, Today's Discoveries Unlock the Past, and Don't be Scared- Be Prepared! Living with a Volcano in Your Backyard is part of the partnership between the park and the US Geological Survey Cascades Volcano Observatory. You can browse some of this curriculum's lesson plans below.

The Washington State History Museum offers a Ring of Fire: Volcanoes of Washington State History Box that helps students explore the historic interaction between the people of Washington and their ever-changing volcanic landscape. Find out more from the Washington State History Museum's Education Department.

Webcams: A Window of Weather

At 14,410 feet, Mount Rainier acts as a speed bump for incoming weather, which directly affects the life residing on this iconic mountain as well as those visitors who love to recreate here. Using webcams from Mount Rainier National Park's website as well as data from weather stations, students will gain an understanding of how dynamic the weather at Mount Rainier can be by observing, collection, and analyzing weather data.

Webcams: A Window of Weather Lesson Plan
Mount Rainier Weather Tutorial Powerpoint
District Ranger Report
Weather Report Form
Weather Station Reference: Observations to Record

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