Current Commercial Use Authorizations

Current CUA Holders - 2020
Last updated: 4/29/20
A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) is required to operate a commercial visitor concession within Mount Rainier National Park.

Activity Company
One Summit Climb Adventure Spirit LLC
One Summit Climb American Alpine Institute
One Summit Climb Aspen Expeditions Worldwide
One Summit Climb Baker Mountain Guides
One Summit Climb Colorado Mountain School
One Summit Climb Edgeworks Climbing
One Summit Climb Madison Mountaineering
One Summit Climb Mountain Madness
One Summit Climb Mountain Professionals USA
One Summit Climb North Cascades Mountain Guides
One Summit Climb Northeast Mountaineering
One Summit Climb Northwest Mountain School
One Summit Climb Peak Mountain Guides
One Summit Climb Pro Guiding Service
One Summit Climb Timberline Mountain Guides
One backpacking trip Discover Outdoors
One backpacking trip Fitpacking
One backpacking trip KaF Adventures
One backpacking trip Miyar Adventures
One backpacking trip San Juan Island Outfitters
Day Hikes Adventure Running Co.
Day Hikes Adventures in Seattle
Day Hikes ATW Tours, dba Adventure Travel West
Day Hikes Aspire Adventure Running
Day Hikes Bicycle Adventures
Day Hikes Camp Thunderbird
Day Hikes Discover Nature LLC
Day Hikes Discover Outdoors
Day Hikes EverGreen Escapes
Day Hikes KaF Adventures
Day Hikes Overland Summer Camps
Day Hikes Parks Plus Hiking
Day Hikes Recreational Equipment Inc.
Day Hikes San Juan Island Outfitters
Day Hikes Wilderness Adventures
Day Hikes Wildland Trekking Company
Photography Seminars Aaron Reed Photography
Photography Seminars Action Photo Tours
Photography Seminars Art Wolfe Inc.
Photography Seminars David Morrow Photography
Photography Seminars Freddy Clark Sante Photography
Photography Seminars Hudson Henry Photography
Photography Seminars Jack Graham Photography
Photography Seminars National Park Photography Expeditions
Photography Seminars Pacific NW Arts School
Photography Seminars Randall J. Hodges Photography
Photography Seminars Recreational Equipment Inc (REI)
Bicycle Tours Adventure Cycling Association
Bicycle Tours Bicycle Adventures
Bicycle Tours Escape Adventures
Bicycle Tours Western Spirit Cycling
Ski, Snowshoe, Training American Alpine Institute
Ski, Snowshoe, Training Baker Mountain Guides
Ski, Snowshoe, Training Cascade Mountain Adventures
Ski, Snowshoe, Training Edgeworks Climbing
Ski, Snowshoe, Training EverGreen Escapes
Ski, Snowshoe, Training KaF Adventures
Ski, Snowshoe, Training Miyar Adventures
Ski, Snowshoe, Training Mountain Gurus
Ski, Snowshoe, Training Mountain Madness
Ski, Snowshoe, Training Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)
Drive-in Campground Use Adventure Running Co.
Drive-in Campground Use AmeriCan Adventures Travel Inc.
Drive-in Campground Use Aspire Adventure Running
Drive-in Campground Use Camp Thunderbird
Drive-in Campground Use Discover Outdoors
Drive-in Campground Use Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)
Drive-in Campground Use San Juan Island Outfitters
Drive-in Campground Use Wilderness Adventures
Drive-in Campground Use Wildland Trekking Company

Last updated: April 29, 2020

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