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Summer: Hot. Temperatures range from 95°F (35°C) beyond 110°F (42°C). Nighttime temperatures can be much cooler, around 70°F (21°C). From late June through early August, heavy rains called monsoons are common in the afternoons. Winter: Cool. Highs average around 55°F (13°C); lows may be in the teens (-10°C). Snow is rare, but possible. For detailed information, visit the National Weather Service:

Entrance Fees:

Montezuma Castle Entrance Fee - Per Person - $10.00

This entrance fee covers one adult, aged 16 and over, for entrance to Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot National Monuments for 7 days.

Montezuma Castle Entrance Fee - Children - $0.00

Children aged 15 and under are free.

Montezuma Well - Free Entrance - $0.00

Montezuma Well, a detached unit or district of Montezuma Castle, does not charge an entrance fee.

Entrance Passes:

Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot Annual Pass - $40.00

The Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot Annual Pass covers the card holder and 3 other adults (aged 16 and over) into both Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot for one year from date of purchase.

Montezuma Castle Visitor Center

This visitor center provides the entrance fee station, as well as bathrooms, a small museum, and the Western National Parks Association bookstore. Stop in first to get all the information you need!

The breezeway of the 1960 Visitor Center at Montezuma Castle, with bathrooms on the right.
If you have more questions stop by the Visitor Center to talk with a ranger!

Two Locations, So Much To See!

Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well are two parts of the same monument, and are separated by about 11 miles. The Visitor Center at Montezuma Castle, shown at the right, has information for both places. Both places have a short, 1/3 mile trail to see the archeological remains, as well as a picnic area. Check out the navigation links for more information on when we're open, how to get here, and what to do.

Last updated: February 28, 2016

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