Park Fun

Hey Kids! Here are some activities you can do at home. Just download and print each page (ask your parents for help if you need it). Then, have fun while you learn about Ancestral Puebloan life at Mesa Verde. And don't forget to try #6 to learn how you can help protect our national parks.

Illustration of Balcony House with the kiva courtyard in the foreground.
Balcony House

Illustration by Mary Lloyd

1. Times Have Changed - matching
(pdf, 181 kb)

2. Home Sweet Home - dot-to-dot
(pdf, 450 kb)

3. Food Find - word find
(pdf, 35 kb)

4. A-Mazing Migration - maze
(pdf, 127 kb)

5. Plain, Coiled, or Painted - draw
(pdf, 187 kb)

6. How Can I Help? - picture search
(pdf, 160 kb)

(Parents: To get the Free Adobe Reader required to read the above pdf files, click here.)

Last updated: January 6, 2017

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