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Maritime-Related National Parks in New Jersey


Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (also in PA)

  • Paddlers slip down the river between low forested mountains, anglers wade the trout streams, and hikers scan the valley from the ridge or peer into the 1000-foot deep Water Gap. The valley has known human hand and voice for 10,000 years. Floodplains nourished the Native farmer; waterfalls drew the Victorian vacationer. Today, a 70,000-acre park welcomes those who seek the outdoors close to home.

Gateway National Recreation Area, Sandy Hook Unit (also in NY)

  • We are not just Sandy Hook. We are not just the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge or Jacob Riis Park. We are not just Fort Tilden. We are not just Frank Charles Park or Hamilton Beach. We are not just Floyd Bennett Field or Canarsie Pier. We are not just Great Kills Park, or Fort Wadsworth, or Miller Field. We are one national park, we are Gateway.

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

  • Cotton and silk for clothing, locomotives for travel, paper for books and writing letters, airplanes, and more. What do they have in common? They all came from the same place: Paterson, NJ. In 1791, Paterson, America's first planned industrial city, was established, centered around the Great Falls of the Passaic River. From humble mills would rise industries that changed the face of the United States.


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