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Historic Lighthouses and Light Stations in Puerto Rico


The year in parentheses refers to the year in which the light was first lit in the existing tower.


Cross-section drawing of lighthouse and attached keeper's house

Arecibo Light (Faro de Arecibo) (1898)

Location: Port Arecibo entrance/North shore


Cabras Island Light (1902)

Location: No longer extant


Cape Rojo Light (Cabo Rojo) (1882)

Location: Southeast of Pole Ojea on Cape Rojo


Cape San Juan Light (Cabo San Juan) (1880)

Location: Cape San Juan/Northeast of Sorocco


Cardona Island Light (1889)

Location: South of Ponce on Cardona Island


Culebrita Island Light (Isla Culebrita) (1886)

Location: Virgin Passage/Culebrita Island


Guánica Light (1893)

Location: Point Meseta/South shore


Mona Island Light (Isla de Mona) (1900)

Location: Mona Island/West shore of Puerto Rico


Muertos Island Light (Isla Caja de Muertos) (1887)

Location: Southeast of Ponce on Muertos Island


Point Borinquen Light (1920)

Location: 1.3 miles northeast of Point Borinquen


Point Figuras Light (Punta de las Figuras) (1893)

Location: Southeast of Arroyo/South shore


Point Jiguero (Higuero) Light (1922)

Location: Northwest on Rincón


Point Mulas Light (1896)

Location: West shore of Vieques Island


Point Tuna Light (1892)

Location: Southeast of Puerto Maunabo


Port San Juan (El Morro) Light (1908)

Location: On El Morro/San Juan Harbor entrance
San Juan National Historic Site


Puerto Ferro Light (Faro de Puerto Ferro) (1896)

Location: South shore of Vieques Island


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