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Historic Lighthouses and Light Stations in Florida


The year in parentheses refers to the year in which the light was first lit in the existing tower.


Cross-section drawing of lighthouse and attached keeper's house

Alligator Reef Light (1873)

Location: 4 miles east of Indian Key


Amelia Island Light (1820)

Location: Entrance to St. Mary's River


American Shoal Light (1880)

Location: Florida Keys


Anclote Key Light (1887)

Location: Anclote Key at Anclote River mouth


Cape Canaveral Light (1868)

Location: Cape Canaveral, 1 mile from shore


Cape Florida Light (1846)

Location: Southernmost point on Key Biscayne


Cape San Blas Light (1885)

Location: Cape San Blas


Cape St. George Light (1852)

Location: Little St. George Island/Gulf of Mexico


Carysfort Reef Light (1852)

Location: Carysfort Reef/Florida Keys


Cedar Keys (Seahorse Key) Light (1854)

Location: Seahorse Key/Gulf of Mexico


Crooked River (Carrabelle) Light (1895)

Location: Crooked River


Dry Tortugas (Loggerhead Key) Light (1858)

Location: Loggerhead Key/Dry Tortugas Islands
Dry Tortugas National Park


Egmont Key Light (1858)

Location: Tampa Bay across from Fort De Soto


Fowey Rocks Light (1878)

Location: Off Key Biscayne
Biscayne National Park


Gasparilla Island (Boca Grande) Lights (1890)

Location: Gasparilla Island/Gulf of Mexico


Hillsboro Inlet Light (1907)

Location: North side of Hillsboro Inlet


Jupiter Inlet Light (1860)

Location: Loxahatchee & Indian Rivers junction


Key West Light (1846)

Location: Whitehead's Point


Pensacola Light (1859)

Location: Entrance to Pensacola Bay


Ponce de Leon (Mosquito) Inlet Light (1887)

Location: South of Daytona Beach


Sand Key Light (1853)

Location: 7 miles southwest of Key West/Florida Keys


Sanibel Island Light (1884)

Location: Point Ybel, Sanibel Island


Sombrero Key Light (1858)

Location: Near Marathon Key in Florida Keys


St. Augustine Light (1874)

Location: Anastasia Island


St. John's River (Mayport) Light (1859)

Location: Entrance to St. John's River


St. Joseph Point Range Rear Light (1902)

Location: Relocated from Port St. Joe/St. Joseph Bay


St. Marks (Range Rear) Light (1842)

Location: Apalachee Bay/St. Marks River


Tortugas Harbor (Fort Jefferson) Light (1876)

Location: Garden Key/Dry Tortugas Islands
Dry Tortugas National Park


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