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Historic Lighthouses and Light Stations in Alaska


The year in parentheses refers to the year in which the light was first lit in the existing tower.


Cross-section drawing of lighthouse and attached keeper's house

Cape Decision Light (1932)

Location: S. Kuiu Island/Sumner Strait/Shakan Bay


Cape Hinchinbrook Light (1934)

Location: Entrance to Prince William Sound


Cape Sarichef Light (Site) (1950)

Location: Unimak Pass thru Aleutian Islands


Cape Spencer Light (1925)

Location: Entrance to Cross Sound/Icy Strait


Cape St. Elias Light (1916)

Location: South end of Kayak Island


Eldred Rock Light (1905)

Location: Lynn Canal


Five Finger Islands Light (1935)

Location: Frederick Sound


Guard Islands Light (1924)

Location: Tongass Narrows entrance/Clarence Strait


Mary Island Light (1937)

Location: Mary Island/Revillagigedo Channel


Point Retreat Light (1923)

Location: Admiralty Island/Lynn Canal


Sentinel Island Light (1935)

Location: Lynn Canal/Auk Bay


Tree Point Light (1935)

Location: Revillagigedo Channel


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