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Historic Life-Saving Stations to Visit in Maine


Maine outline

1. Cross Island Life-Saving Station

Location: Entrance to Machias Bay
Nearest city: Machiasport
Owner: Hurricane Island Outward Bound School
Current use: Outward Bound camp
Public phone: 207-594-5548

2. Popham Beach (Hunniwells Beach) Life-Saving Station

Location: Entrance to Kennebec Beach
Nearest city: Popham Beach
Owner: Popham Beach Bed and Breakfast
Current use: Bed and breakfast
Public phone: 207-389-2409

3. Portsmouth Harbor (Wood Island) Life-Saving Station

Location: Wood Island in Portsmouth Harbor
Nearest city: Kittery Point
Owner: Town of Kittery/Wood Island Life-Saving Station Association
Current use: Historic site

4. Whitehead Life-Saving Station

Location: West Penobscot Bay Entrance/Off Spruce Head
Nearest city: St. George
Owner: Private owner
Current use: Summer residence
Public phone: 207-654-3923


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