Untold Stories of the Manhattan Project

A black and white photo of two small wooden shed-like buildings side by side. One has a sign that reads “WHITE” while the other has a sign that reads “COLORED.”
These outdoor privies at Oak Ridge were labeled “White” and “Colored.” Hanford and Oak Ridge both operated under segregation.



Tens of thousands of people contributed to the success of the Manhattan Project. Yet, many of their stories are hidden in the shadows of leading scientists and military officials. For many African American Manhattan Project workers, Jim Crow laws or similar systems of racial segregation common in the US at that time prevented access to the same goods, services, and housing that their White counterparts enjoyed. Native Americans and White settlers were displaced when the federal government appropriated private land for the Manhattan Project. These and other untold stories provide different perspectives of the Manhattan Project. Discover the little-known stories of the Manhattan Project through the articles below. 



Untold Stories

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    Last updated: April 12, 2023

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