Bear in the park
Bear in the woods
(NPS Photo Credit A Anderson)

Many different species of mammal make their home in the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP. A variety of wooded areas, open fields, and wetlands allow for a diversity of habitats. Eastern chipmunks, red and grey squirrels, woodchucks, and white tail deer are common sights in the park, especially on the edge of wooded habitat. At night raccoons and skunks roam the property. On rare days, you might even be able to spot a fox, fisher, or a bear.

Four pictures of bats


Bats are an important part of ecosystems and food webs. They consume huge numbers of insects every night, filling a unique ecosystem role as nocturnal insect predators. Unfortunately, a new disease called white-nose syndrome is affecting bats across the United States. To better protect bats, the park is working to understand how local bat populations are changing.

> Read this article for more information on Bat Population Monitoring and White Nose Syndrome

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The elusive and shy bobcat (lynx rufus) is a very successful, yet seldom seen wildcat throughout much of North America and Mexico.

short-tailed shrew

Short-tailed Shrew - Species Spotlight

Shrews take their place in the family tree of “insectivores”, a branch of which that includes the moles.

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