Plan Your Visit

Things to do

  • Visit our museum / Bookstore
  • Attend the 30-45 minute program "Battle Talk" given by a Park Ranger. (scheduled)
  • See the 25 minute orientation DVD "Triumph & Tragedy Along the Little Bighorn". (scheduled)
  • Walk down the Deep Ravine trail.
  • Visit Custer's Last Stand Hill / 7th Cavalry Monument and Indian Memorial.
  • Drive the 4.5 mile tour road to Reno - Benteen entrancement site. Walk the self-guided tour.
  • See the waysides along the 4.5 mile tour road.
  • Visit the Custer National Cemetery. A Veteran cemetery of our nations wars.
  • Kids can participate the Jr. Ranger program. Ask the Ranger at the front desk.

Other information:

Guided Tours
Nearby Attractions,
Tribal websites.

Operating Hours and Season
Park is on summer hours through end of August.

Places to go

If You Have One-Two hours:

Museum and bookstore located in Visitor Center. Self guided walking tours, Last Stand Hill and the 4.5 mile driving tour road.

Fees and Reservations
Learn about entrance fees, passes, and other related information.

Get our GPS location and address.
Call (406) 638-3214 or (406) 638-3217


Weather around Little Bighorn

Winter Safety

Winter weather occasionally forces the closure of the tour road depending on severity.

Sometimes the trails are covered with deep snow. The walking trail (side walk) going up Last Stand Hill and to the Indian Memorial are not always maintain.

The Deep Ravine trail is open but not maintained.

It is the responsibility of all visitors to exercise caution.

Observe weather conditions.

Storms can develop quickly. The storm may bring freezing wind, wet snow and snow.

Always dress warm. Wear shoes or boots that will keep your feet warm. Always have extra clothes for warmth, gloves and head gear to conserve body heat.

Temperatures may drop down to freezing below.

If you are getting cold, freezing (hypothermia) return to your vehicle or visitor center immediately or call 1-(406) 638-3224 for help.

For daily and 7 day local and National Weather Forecast click hereWeather Forecast


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Last updated: August 15, 2018

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Mailing Address:

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
P.O. Box 39

Crow Agency, MT 59022-0039


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