Ranger-led Programs

Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula

G. Baldauf

James Webb Telescope Lecture

Description: It has been almost two years since the James Webb Space Telescope snapped its first image. The James Webb Space Telescope's near and mid-infared imagery provide astronomers further insight into the understanding of our universe. NASA Solar System Ambassador, Michal Warzecha will present what the Webb has seen and what we learn and discover from those images.

When: Saturday, April 13, 2024 at 2:00 PM.

Duration: 1 hour. A 40-minute lecture with a 20-minute question and answer.

Where: Meet at the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center accessed by the Southwest Entrance. The lecture will be held in the auditorium of the visitor center. No reservations required.

Lassen Volcanic National Park offers a wide variety of Ranger-led and Junior Ranger programs throughout the summer and winter seasons. View information about ranger-led program below or learn more about special events.
A group of middle school students on a field trip looks closely at something a Park ranger is showing them.
Students learn by observing nature with a Park Ranger


Ranger’s Choice Patio Talk: Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center

Be sure to always check the Calendar or stop by the Visitor Center to find the programs that will be available during your visit.

Rangers present what they are most passionate about in the park: volcanoes, geology, wildlife, fire, history, wilderness, night skies, or something else!

  • Mid-April to Labor Day.

  • Offered Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10:30am at the back patio of the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center as staffing allows.

  • Talk lasts up to 30 minutes

  • Wheelchair and stroller accessible, service animals welcome

  • No tickets needed


Summer Ranger-led Programs

Discover your park through a ranger-led program from Junior Ranger activities to evening talks. Programs are offered mid-June through early September. Program details will be posted outside the Loomis Museum and Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center on the day a program is offered.

Night sky viewing behind Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center
Night sky viewing behind Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center

NPS Photo

Night Sky Viewing Programs

Check back in summer 2024 for programs about the night skies.

See More Stars: It can take 15 to 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to darkness and see more stars. Avoid using bright lights or white lights, these can disrupt your night vision and the timer for your eyes to adjust will start over. Using a red light will be much better for preserving night vision. If you don’t have a red flashlight, you can cover a white light with red cellophane to make it a dark sky friendly light.

Park partner, Lassen Park Foundation has made these events possible. Learn more about the Foundation.

Orange patch with firefighting symbols

Junior Firefighter Program

Please check back for the return of this program in summer 2024.
Outside the Discovery Center (across from the Loomis Museum in the Manzanita Lake Area)

Learn how US Forest Service and National Park Service firefighters manage fire to promote forest health and protect lives and property. Learn how firefighters use engines and firefighting gear to support the important role that fire plays in the ecosystems of our national parks. Participants who complete the program will earn a Junior Firefighter patch. Program is 45 minutes long and is open to all ages. *Scheduled programs may be affected by firefighter availability, visit the Loomis Museum for updated information.

An Evening Grosbeak gets ready to be released after being banded for monitoring
Evening Grosbeak

NPS Photo

Public Bird Banding Demonstration

Please check back for dates in 2024.

Each year Lassen's natural resource team uses nets to capture and band migratory birds. This monitoring provides information on population abundance and health. Join us for a public bird banding demonstration. Meet a ranger at the Manzanita Lake boat ramp area at one of the times list above for a five minute walk to the banding site. Don't forget your camera!

Sulphur Works
View of Sulphur Works with Mt. Diller in background.


Inside a Volcano

When: Daily at 2:00 PM. Program will be offered starting Memorial Day Weekend

Length: 30-45 minutes

Where: Meet at Sulphur Works

Join a Ranger to explore the geology and history that makes Sulphur Works unique.

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