Stock Use Regulations

More than 100 miles of trails in Lassen Volcanic are open to stock users. The following regulations for saddle and pack animals help insure the safety of visitors, riders, and horses, and the protection of resources. For the purpose of these regulations, the terms stock and pack animals refer to horses, mules, burros, and llamas.


General Stock Use Guidelines and Regulations

  • Picketing and/or grazing of stock is not permitted.
  • To protect water quality in the park, keep stock at least 100 feet from lakes and streams unless your route makes this unavoidable. When traveling near lakes or crossing streams, do not stop to water animals. Carry a collapsible pail to water your stock.
  • Please refrain from free-trailing and loose-herding stock and pack animals.
  • Do not tie animals to trees; they can disturb soil, damage roots, and debark trees.
  • Avoid riding or tying stock animals in campgrounds, picnic areas, or within the immediate vicinities of eating or sleeping establishments or other public gathering areas, except where trails and facilities are designated for such use.
  • When leaving stock for short periods of time, tie them to a high line or hobble them near the trail. Tie the line between two trees or rocks and tether the animals to it. Hang the line on a flat, sparsely vegetated site to limit damage to roots and plants.
  • Scatter manure and smooth the area over to accelerate the decay process and reduce odor and visual impact.
  • Use processed grain or pellet feed with a nosebag to feed stock while on the trails.
  • To prevent the introduction of non-native plants in the park, hay and seed-type feed are not recommended but may be used in park stock corrals.

Stock Use Trail Regulations

  1. Use stock and pack animals only on trails, routes, and areas designated for their use.
  2. The use of stock or other pack animals on paved roads is prohibited except where such travel is necessary for entry to or exit from trails, or is incidental to authorized travel.
  3. Stock and pack animals must proceed at a slow walk when traveling in the immediate vicinity of people on foot.
  4. The use of animals other than those designated as pack animals for purposes of riding or the transportation of equipment is prohibited.
  5. Due to the small size of the park and generally unacceptable locations for overnight use of stock and pack animals, overnight stays are not permitted in the backcountry.
  6. Stock use group size is limited to 15 animals.
  7. Pets are not allowed on trails or in backcountry areas, this includes working dogs except service dogs trained to aid or assist an individual with a disability.
  8. Stock must travel on designated trails, as off trail tracks remain visible in the park's volcanic soils for many years. At times when trail or weather conditions warrant (such as trees across the trail or wet soil), additional stock use conditions, including trail closures, may be established. Stock and pack animals are not permitted on the trails in the following areas:
  • Manzanita Lake Trail and Reflection Lake Route
  • Lassen Peak Trail
  • Bumpass Hell and Cold Boiling Lake Trails between the Bumpass Hell Trailhead parking area and Cold Boiling Lake
  • Cinder Cone Trail
  • Devils Kitchen and Sulphur Works hydrothermal areas. A hitching post is available at the entrance to the Devils Kitchen hydrothermal area.

Last updated: May 27, 2022

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