Bumpass Hell Trail and Boardwalk Rehabilitation

Visitors on a boardwalk in Bumpass Hell hydrothermal area
Hikers on the boardwalk in Bumpass Hell basin
Lassen Volcanic National Park wants your input on managing the Bumpass Hell Trail and boardwalk. Established trails and boardwalks provide a safe, up-close experience in this high-visitation area. The purpose for the project is to ease maintenance for the Bumpass Hell Trail and boardwalk, while preserving natural and historic resources, improving interpretive opportunities, and accommodating high visitor use to and within the Bumpass Hell Basin.
A man walks on a wooden boardwalk above a steaming hydrothermal area.
A boardwalk provides a close-up view of dramatic hydrothermal features.
Bumpass Hell Trail
The hottest and most vigorous hydrothermal features in Lassen Volcanic National Park are at Bumpass Hell. A three mile round-trip trail―one of the most popular in the park―provides access to the Bumpass Hell basin. Within the basin, a boardwalk traverses a portion of the hydrothermal area and additional trails offer access to the southern portion of the basin and connect to additional area trails. While Bumpass Hell is a popular destination for park visitors, it is also a dynamic geologic area in which the only predictable element is change.

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We invite you to comment on the park identified alternatives for rehabilitation described below or share any other ideas you may have to ensure a safe, enjoyable Bumpass Hell experience. Comments will be accepted through by April 1, 2017.

Email: lavo_planning@nps.gov (subject: "Bumpass Hell Trail")

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Preliminary Alternatives for Rehabilitation
Five preliminary alternatives are being considered by the National Park Service (NPS) for rehabilitation of the Bumpass Hell Trail and boardwalk. The alternatives will be modified by this public review and analyzed in an environmental assessment (EA) for rehabilitation of the trail. The following alternatives are being considered for the project:

  1. No Action (Continue Current Management)
  2. Expand Opportunities for Visitor Use
  3. Improve Opportunities for Visitor Use (Close to Pyrite Pool Boardwalk Terminus)
  4. Improve Opportunities for Visitor Use (Big Boiler Boardwalk Terminus)
  5. Reduce Infrastructure in Bumpass Hell (Remove Boardwalk) and Add Backcountry View Trail
Learn more with the alternatives description document (35 KB, doc), alternatives matrix (26 KB, doc), or alternative maps.
Map of Bumpass Hell trail rehabilitation project, alternative 1
Bumpass Hell rehabilitation preliminary Alternative 1: No Action (continue current management)

Last updated: March 27, 2017

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